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Friday, 10 July 2015 11:59


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Joseph was a born organizer.  Whatever  the occasion,  it would always be, “ Ask Joseph if he approves”, or“Joseph would take care of it”, and many other statements which involuntarily made him in-charge.

Any kind of affair would be successful if Joseph was involved. And because  many friends affirmed this natural talent,  he decided to be an event organizer.

His first assignment as a real event organizer was the Regional Vocational Seminar.  It was an event for approximately 1,000 guests!

He prepared very well, coordinated with the City Police and the barangay tanod for security, displayed several huge tarpaulin in busy streets, sent the invites early, advertised on newspapers, radio and TV and did many other details meticulously.

Joseph did not leave any stone unturned in making the event successful. He was going  to exceed their expectations. As to the accommodation, Joseph billeted the best hotel in the province!

Speaking of province, Joseph was from Tawi-Tawi, and he decided to hold the conference in his exotic place.

“For a change”, according to him. He planned to take the participants on a tour to that mountain where white monkeys existed.  Yes there are white monkeys in Tawi-Tawi.

He also prepared tokens for the delegates with some extra, just in case there were  unexpected guests who would drop by.

When the day came, Joseph woke up early to oversee everything.  BUT ALAS! The delegates were afraid to go to Tawi-Tawi, They were not convinced that  the venue was safe, and they feared for their life, more than they were eager too see white monkeys in the mountains.

Nobody arrived but the two speakers! The two other speakers were professors who just came from their place.

I do not know what happened afterwards, whether he was able to get some amount from the hotel, or what he did with the souvenir shirts and the kits, and  the two guests or whether he was reprimanded or not.

Joseph was very down, as anybody whose dreams were squashed right before their very eyes.

But when he recovered, he consulted those who were not emotionally involved with the fiasco. They advised him to always get a partial registration fee, and to consider the security of the venue more than the exotic adventures of the delegates, and many other tips.

Anybody would think, Joseph would never again venture on this kind of  racket.

But there was more to Joseph than his sanguine exterior.  He was tough and determined.

He took short courses in event organizing, researched, read books about it, and interacted with experts.

And by the way, Joseph has a put up several convention halls since, and his catering services is a constant venue for big government seminars.