Cheat or deceive because of greed PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 12 July 2015 14:44


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

In every game among children cheating is a common practice. They would cheat one another, quarrel and fight, then the loser would cry in desperation. Why are children fond of cheating? Because of greed certainly,

Of all activities gambling is where cheating is so rampant. Gamblers are cheaters, they say. Gambling is a game of chance where the chance of winning is usually pre-empted by way of cheating. In gambling, people place bets mostly money subject to the risk of losing. Many of us simply refuse to lose or cannot accept losing in any game. So many resort to cheating to be sure of winning.

In sports or athletic games, betting is prohibited. That was before, but today it’s different. Some events like basketball, wrestling, martial arts or boxing had already become a contest for betting among spectators. Boxing is now like a cockfight or spiderfight. Whenever there’s a big encounter between celebrated boxers of the world, boxing aficionados would bet by the millions in pesos or dollars like the much-sought bout between Pacquiao and Mayweather. It was no longer a fight for honor and fame, but for money. So the result — disappointment and stern criticism. Aficionados from all over the world have travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada and paid the costly tickets to witness the Fight of the Century, but what transpired inside the ring before their eyes was not worth. “We were shortchanged and cheated!” they cried,

Mayweather maneuvered slyly with his “ jab and run” style to avoid the KO punch of Pacquiao who tried his best to pin down his elusive opponent. The 12 rounds ended with no one was knocked down on the canvas except for the flurry of punches from both fighters. The Pinoy boxing icon revealed that his victory was hampered by a slight injury on his shoulder which he started to feel the pain in the fourth round. But the cocky pugilist exhorted by telling Pacman to stop giving excuses for he’s no better boxer than him.

Meanwhile, some political analysts consider politics as business. We need enough capital in the form of campaign fund in order to be viable whatever political plans we have. If elected, the return of investment is as sure as the sun rises in the East. But today politics is more of a gambling rather than a business because it has become a game of chance for you have to cheat to win or employ the so-called “guns, goons and gold” tactic to ensure victory at the polls. During election time, it’s common news reports in media about flying voters, vote buying, names of registered voters not found while the dead remained in the list and the alleged “dagdag-bawas” in the counting of votes. The cheaters in politics are the scoundrels in government.

Of course, there’s a few who possess good moral virtues, but their number is slowly dwindling because of greed.

On the other hand, we believe that all merchants are out to make profit or else they have no business to be in business. And many of them think only of the profit — to rake money as much as they can through cheating and deception, such as tampered weighing scales, fake products, smuggling, tax evasion, etc.

Square Point observes that cheating happens everywhere. In the neighborhood we’d be jolted from our seat by the noisy squabble of which the root cause is cheating. Because of greed many of us cannot think of a better way to attain success except through cheating and deception.