Procrastination: Are you guilty? PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 11:49



“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”— Will Rogers

I believe I am guilty of this. I vividly remember the year my father kept budging me to finish my graduate studies – I was taking MAT Filipino then and just finished the first semester. I felt lazy going through enrolment process again, so I told him and myself, “Na otro semester ya lang,” which never happened to date. Although I completed my academic requirements for MA in Educational Administration in 1994, I also did not take my retake exam for Research & Statistics but I think it’s another story since it was the time my mom died  and I was enrolled in MAT Language, which again, I did not finish. But then again, if it is for you then it will happen, and that’s when I finished my MA in Home Economics in 2006.  Many years were wasted and I could have done a lot more had I not procrastinate.

Procrastination may not always be a bad thing but if we are not careful it may ruin our life just because we let time pass without acting immediately, thinking we still have another day to do it. How can we fight this extremely dangerous “unseen enemy”? For me, I usually do these things:

* I make “Reminders” by writing down my “TO DO’S” for the day and put an asterisks on the important ones then tuck it on my computer table then I set my alarm as to when I am to do it on my alarm;

* I ask my companions to remind me that I need to do something;

* I set my alarm to wake up early and do what I have to do for that day;

* I inspire myself by reminding me that others will also be benefitted with what I do;