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Friday, 17 July 2015 13:45



Los Angeles, CA. — From what I’ve been reading, I believe the police are doing a great job keeping the crime rate down. It may also be good to know what the crime solution efficiency is. The police have incarcerated dozens of drug dealers and drugs users the past year that the detention cells must be getting too tight for the offenders. I’d like to see more people penalized for illegally parking their vehicles, jaywalking, littering and urinating anywhere they please like stray “makagit” dogs. Also, the police should start issuing tickets to people caught smoking in public places. The police and traffic enforcers should vigorously implementing the anti-smoke belching ordinance. How smoke-belching vehicles pass the smoke-emission test is highly suspect. Overall, the police should be rated highly and commended publicly by city hall for a job well far.

Now that there’s relative peace and quiet, authorities should be wary about the tempest that always unfolds after the calm. The government has so far managed to silence the guns of the fighters of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Moro National Liberation Front because of the mysterious disappearance of Nur Misuari from Sulu that neutralized the depleted forces of the MNLF. The Abu Sayyaf has also been stymied with the arrest of some of its bombers and operatives in Zamboanga city recently.

But as history tells us, the bad always manage to come back after the pause-button is released. Calls to disarm the MNLF years ago fell on deaf ears. The decommissioning of 75 firearms belonging to the MILF was a symbol of peace, but not and never will be a condemnation of war. The entire deadly arsenal of the MILF must be destroyed.

Malacanang has endorsed the demands of the MILF. Chief of them is the creation of the Bangsamoro to be run and managed by the MILF. Will its creation finally end the war in Mindanao? It’s a risk that the government is willing to take, and a very costly one. That same risk the government took years ago with the ever defiant MNLF.

Is the revitalized autonomous region representative of the Muslim Nation? Will the Tausogs, Samals and Yakans be represented in the assembly? I guess not. Their candidates will always be out-voted even in a fair and honest election. President Aquino might achieve in suppressing the behavior of the MILF’s fighting arm. The Bangsamoro Basic Law, or whatever form it has taken now, is more of a ceasefire than an appeasement or a document of peace. By the way, what will stop the MILF from hoisting their flag in the Bangsamoro in deference to their comrades who died fighting for independence, self-rule, or autonomy from the Republic of the Philippines?

In Zamboanga, have we forgotten the misery and wretchedness that ramshackled our city in 2013? The bitterness of that bloody siege still lingers in our hearts, and we still live in constant fear that one of these unguarded days, the MNLF will strike again. In the interlude, the MNLF is either partially defeated or rearming. There’s no hard intelligence to suggest what Misuari and the three other MNLF factions are up to. May be, they’ll strike as soon as the BBL is passed to show their disagreement to it. And the civilians are in harm’s way. May God have mercy on us.