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Friday, 17 July 2015 13:46


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

The noisy children in the neighborhood would hush up when Danilo arrived from work.  Danilo was a tall,irritable man, and you do not just make foolish loud noises when he was around.

But Danilo was not really a bad man even if he was intolerant with noisy children.

As a matter of fact, he adored his wife very much, that when he saw a beautiful bed in one TV show, where an actress was lying down, he let Mang Carding make a bed exactly like that for her.  Danilo always said that his wife could pass for an actress in terms of beauty.

Carding was the village carpenter. He was a skilled wood worker, even if he was a drunkard.  It was very rewarding watching him develop a masterpiece out of some ordinary pieces of wood.

His shop was in the middle of the crowd-iest part of their small neighborhood. Whenever he had a big project like a bed, it was customary for the neighbors to gather there, and see the progress of his work.

Not only adults gathered there. Children, lads and lasses who were a courting,  would meet there, watch the carpenter and hold hands secretly.  Some enterprising people even sold ice candy and cigarettes near the shop, because it was the place of amusement for many of them.

So for many days, Danilo’s bed was the hottest topic at the dinner tables of the families.  Wives who had to stay home to do the chores  would ask their husbands of the progress of Danilo’s bed.

The reports about the bed was consistent — it was beautiful!

But Mang Carding was not finished yet.

The shop was buzzing with excitement the following day. Even  the naughty boys forgot to hold the hands of their crushes.

For Mang Carding was carving a heart with an arrow piercing inside it. In the outside part of the heart, Mang Carding engraved the initials-  J and D in neat and intricate calligraphy.

Danilo, the tall, intolerant man of the neighborhood was very impressed with the bed and the engravings. Even his quiet Jane could not help making some exclamations of excitement over the very romantic bed.

Many neighbors volunteered to help carry the bed up the room.  Few, for sheer helpfulness, and many, for curiosity.  The children had to be shooed away, because  they were also going up to witness the installation of the bed in Danilo’s room.

And when the bed was properly in its place, looking like a queen with matching new curtains, Danilo sampled the bed for all helpful and curious neighbors to see.

And do you know what?  When he laid down the bed, it was too short for his tall body. His feet extended outside the very nice bed by around one foot!

Now, don’t ask me what happened afterwards, because it was a very long time ago when I was a little girl yet, one of those shooed away, when I tried to follow the curious crowd up the room of Danilo.