Cheerfulness: Do you ever look at the brighter side of life? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 July 2015 13:59



The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer up somebody else.” — Mark Twain

“A smile a day, keeps the wrinkles away.” I am not so sure if someone said that or I just made it up – but anyway, smiling does not cost us anything nor does it hurt anybody, so why not smile and cheer others today, we may not know it’s the only thing they needed to continue their fight.

I remember my papang fondly for he is such a cheerful person. I never saw him without a smile on his face even in times of trouble or pains. Whenever our mom is angry with him, all that he does is put on the phonograph and dance with her – and he isn’t even a good dancer, mom would just shut up and smile – so, no fights.

Being cheerful helps us to be healthy and to live longer. Doctors even say that people who are cheerful do not easily get sick – maybe because they are not stressed. They live and enjoy life to the best they can even when they have less in life than others — even when they know that they have to face whatever hurdles or blocks life brings their way at the end of the day or even earlier.

Cheerful people help others to forget their own pains and struggles in life, they dry up the tears of sorrows and miseries, or stop a sigh even before it starts – cheering us up although they too ar fighting their own battles. They help us realize that life’s journey and the way maybe rough and difficult – but at the end, things will always be better and happier.

Be cheerful and be a gift to others – God has good plans for all of us and you are His instrument to help Him sow the seeds of goodness and joy to be reaped tomorrow.

“ Nothing contributes more to cheerfulness than the habit of looking at the good side of things.

The  side is God’s side of them.” — Richard Bernanrd Ullathorne