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Sunday, 19 July 2015 13:42



Los Angeles, CA.— With all the disputations and suppositions like listening to the burble of the brook, I surmise that the administration, or the Liberal Party if you may, will field a Roxas-Poe tandem in next year’s national elections. The promise made by President Aquino that the reigns of government will be turned over to Sec. Mar Roxas (one Atenean to another) will be kept at all cost despite the continuous startling revelations of surveys listing Roxas a consistent poor third placer. But surveys don’t vote, although they influence voters’ thinking. Getting Sen. Grace Poe out of the way will present a showdown between Roxas and V.P. Jojo Binay in the pit, with Poe providing the rocket push to power their team to victory. Simple lang, eh, unless PNoy has other funny ideas in mind.

It’s not time yet for Senators Chiz Escudero and Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. to scramble for the presidency. Wear out the possible challengers first. Rust them out with age and illness then go for it.

Enough talking, already, sirs. Enough with those expensive dinner meetings among the presidentiables and get down to real politics. PNoy will have to recompense the sacrifice made by Roxas in 2010 when the latter “gave way” to the son of the queen of democracy upon her well-timed, providential demise. And to PNoy, as to Robert C. Edwards, “If you want work well done, select a busy man - the other kind has no time.” Roxas is diligent, elegant, refined, cultured, well-educated and, by his own right, rich.

V.P. Binay has been completely demolished, his spirit crushed — in the media, social media, everywhere. The latest is the ombudsman threatening to impeach him. By law, can she do that? PNoy’s henchmen are out to flatten V.P. Binay — reduce him to emptiness and nothingness — to make sure that an autocrat does not rule for six years. It is not the gold or millions that make politicians’ destinies but the small people, the masa, the proletariat, the hoi polloi and, above all, God. Judging from PNoy’s fearless anti-corruption syllabus, V.P. Binay will land in jail. That’s how harsh (to put it mildly from a long list of adjectives as to describe Attila the Hun) PNoy is to his adversaries.

V.P. Binay’s detractors don’t look like they’re gilding the truth to make their accusations more palatable. Their denunciations appear to be authentic, although V.P. Binay disputes them boldly. Let’s see what happens when the cases of alleged corruption, thievery or plunder are brought before the court of law. When that day comes, V.P. Binay will be counselled not to cry on spilled milk because the past cannot be summoned. If such a moral deformity is proven in court, V.P. Binay will definitely be convicted, his riches sequestered and his life completely ruined — as Arroyo’s, Corona’s, Enrile’s, Estrada’s and Revilla’s. There will be reconteurs in his trial as there will be substantiations.

I say again, enough talking and let the court decide on V.P. Binay’s guilt or innocence based on evidence. He must be given his day in court to disprove the allegations that he stole. Bury this yarn before Red October.