Clean elections — a make believe PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 July 2015 11:21


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

In the national scene, several competent officials are joining in the presidential race, but not yet conclusive. Perhaps, they are still waiting for genuine pledge from a big sector of total support ensuring victory in the coming polls. The sectors are business, religious, youth and student, educators, police and military, overseas workers and others. Though VP Binay and DILG Roxas are as sure as the sun rises in the east.

While locally the incumbent city executive is certainly running for re-election contrary to speculations that she would be shoved to go back to Congress because the former executive is hell bent to go back to City Hall. For the moment those are more allegations or speculations of heresy of whatever until when certificates of candidacy will be filing in COMELEC offices before the year ends.

Based on feedbacks reaching us, it will be a one-on-one fight between the current and the former local government heads. That’s fine so we will know who is really the number one choice of the majority here in this city. What’s more important is the conduct of the elections. The political exercise should be clean and honest in order that the result will really reflect the true sentiment and will of the sovereign people.

However, we cannot blame the people if they are in doubt or skeptical regarding the credibility of the forthcoming elections. Actually there are many issues that have to be tackled by the COMELEC. First and foremost, the use of PICOS machines in the elections. Some political observers are against the use of the machines saying that cheating or tampering of election results can easily be manipulated with the use of the machines. Others said that manual canvassing is too slow and more susceptible to cheating or fraud. Some of the COMELEC commissioners recommended the so-called hybrid system which is the combination of the machines and the manual process in the electoral undertaking. But Sen. Chiz Escudero and other senators are against such idea saying that it is impractical and inconsistent. And so with other problems that we used to encounter everytime we have an election. Another serious problem is the required biometrics to all registered voters. According to media reports, a big number of voters will be disenfranchised for non-compliance of this requirement.

So there you are. Hopefully things would shape up the way it should in order to answer to the call of the crucial political event comes May 2016 or else it will bring disaster to our political system.

But why do we have all these insecurities, slepticisms and suspicions? Of course, due to all of our experiences that have to do with cheatings and all forms of electoral fraud.

Why do you have to cheat one another during elections? Why try to control the will of the people? Why violate the laws in order to become implementors of the law?

To have clean elections today in our country is just a make-believe, political analysts pointed out. Be it automated machines or the most hi-tech machines in the world, if we remained unchanged especially the politicians who cannot accept defeat in the polls, there can never be clean and honest elections. All efforts are in vain and a waste of money.