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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 11:08



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “However, if you no longer listen to the Lord your God, and no longer obey His commands…all of these curses will come upon you… The Lord will strike you… with scorching heat and drought…” (Deuteronomy 28:15, 22, the Holy Bible).

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REALLY, PNOY? Let’s go through this once again: President Aquino is meeting one more time with Senators Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas to convince the three of them to remain with, and keep intact, the political coalition that made him presidential candidate in 2010.

Although nothing is being said about it, it is clear that the meeting is being called by Aquino to firm up the presidential and vice presidential candidates of the Liberal Party in 2016, and these candidates are presumably Roxas, for president, and Poe for vice president. As for Chiz, I understand there are other plans for him, like being installed as the Senate president.

Now, let me ask: is it not a fact that Aquino already promised to Roxas, in 2010, that he, Roxas, is going to be Aquino’s (and, of course, Liberal Party’s) presidential candidate in 2016, considering that Roxas gave way to Aquino in 2010? So, Roxas is going to be Aquino’s candidate. So, why is Aquino still talking to Poe? To convince her to run as Roxas’ vice president? Really?

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MORE BARANGAYS IN RP GETTING SUBMERGED IN WATER: WHY? Two environmental occurrences during the past few days must have to be monitored very closely by Filipinos. The first pertains to reports that there is going to be a longer drier and hotter weather in the country this year (which may extend until middle of next year), while the second pertains to reports that more and more villages in the countryside are going under water every time the rains come.

What should really bother all of us is the fact that the Philippines, and almost all the other countries of this planet, have been trying to map out activities to combat the heating of the world as a result of global warming and climate change, and the increasing ferocity of rains and floods, yet nothing good has ever come out of these efforts.

The dry spell keeps getting drier, making the country hotter and hotter by the day. And the rains and the floods just keep coming back to us, with no appreciable remedy in sight, causing death and destruction year in and year out, with more and more Filipinos becoming victims to these natural calamities.

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BIBLE READING, OBEDIENCE TO GOD, AS ANTIDOTES TO GLOBAL WARMING: These are desperate times indeed, because if  our officials and scientists fail to find a solution, then one day soon, many of us will ourselves become victims of these environmental tragedies. Is there really nothing we can do about these? The answer is, yes, there is something that we can do, and it is to read the Bible and obey God’s commands written therein.

Many have tried to suppress the truth about global warming and climate change through years, wanting to divert people’s attention to the fact that there are Biblical warnings about these weather aberrations. The Bible has accurately predicted the coming of these dry spells, scorching heat, climate change, and rains, floods, and strong winds.

At this point that nothing contrived by man seems to be working against global warming, it would do well for all of us to read the Bible once again, and obey God’s commands written in its pages once again, for reading of the Bible and obedience to God’s commands are the two most potent antidotes against deadly and destructive climate change. Let’s try it now!

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