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Thursday, 23 July 2015 10:58



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Fear the Lord your God and serve him…” (Deuteronomy 10:20, the Holy Bible).

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“LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH”: AWESOME MOTTO OF SERVICE: Rotarian Lilian Cruz, after having been inducted as chairman of a group of former Rotary Club presidents from Rotary International District 3810 (covering Manila, Pasay City, Cavite, and Occidental Mindoro) who served during Rotary’s Centennial Year in   2004-2005, unveiled what could be a new and awesome motto for serving others: “Live, Love, and Laugh”.

Explaining what she meant by this motto after her induction at the Malate Bayview Mansion on July 18, 2015, Cruz said Rotarians the world over have been known to be at the forefront of giving “service above self”, so that Rotary service has become their way of life, doing it with love, and enjoying it with uninhibited laughter which arises from the satisfaction of having helped the less fortunate.

Lilian, who is now the secretary of the Rotary Club of Intramuros Manila, promised to pursue more projects for her group, officially known as “Association of Centennial Team” in the last 11 years that it has been in existence, so its members who are called “Centennial Presidents”, together with other Rotarians who served with them, could bond together all the more and enjoy helping others all the more. Congratulations!

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SERVING OTHERS, THE ROTARY WAY: Come to think of it, Rotary’s motto, “service above self”, seems heavily inspired by the Bible, particularly 1 Peter 4:10 which says, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

Indeed, whatever wealth, riches, good health, or any other good thing that we maybe having in our respective lives today all came from God. There is nothing that we have that God did not give us, in His great mercy and love for each of us who believe in Him. It is therefore only but fitting that we should thank God for all these blessings all the time.

How do we thank God? By sharing what we have with other people, particularly those who are in real need, those who are really poor. Jesus, our God and Savior, highlighted this form of thanking Him in Matthew 25, when He clarified that those who gave food and drinks to the hungry, who visited the sick and the jailed, and who clothed the naked, did all those good things to Him.

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ROTARIANS HAVE DONE GREAT THINGS: Lyne Abanilla, a top executive of top Philippine newspaper Manila Bulletin, recognized Rotary’s selfless efforts to serve the needy in the world. Here is a speech she delivered in Bali, Indonesia on September 22, 2011, during a meeting of Asian Rotarians: “Extraordinary Rotarians… have done great things, touching people’s lives and improving communities, never get tired doing and never get tired serving.

“We provide safe drinking water because water is life. We help build schools, homes and bridges. We help build clinics, hospitals and make sure health concerns of the communities are addressed. We provide prosthesis to amputees that dramatically changed their lives.

“We sponsor health care missions and healed hundreds of patients; sponsored surgical operations on cleft, cataract and even heart surgeries and other medical interventions. We offer scholarship grants and sent poor but deserving students to school… We plant trees and clean drainages to make sure our environment is clean…”

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