No need to shed blood PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 June 2011 14:30

For a Filipino youth to share his culture through cultural presentations to other students of different races is already an act of patriotism without shedding any blood in the battlefield.

I grew up fully aware of my Filipino culture; the traditions and customs, foods, festivities and even traits. I grew up having that sense of nationalism and patriotism in my young heart. Now, sharing this Filipino culture to a group of students from more than 10 countries during a seminar in HongKong left a deep impact in my 18 years of being a Filipino. As the song goes, “Pinoy ako, Pinoy tayo, Ipakita sa mundo…”, it is with so much honor that I could share it to them. After the presentations, they smiled at me and noticed the silent pride in my eyes when I also smiled at them. I also saw in their eyes that they are thirsty for knowledge of Filipino culture.

Attaining world peace starts with this simple cultural presentation. They will always remember this time when they meet other Filipinos. It is already an achievement on my part that somehow I imparted a very significant knowledge about the Filipino culture in their hearts and minds. Even ordinary people can be instrument in preserving the Filipino culture. I am now more dedicated to help build a more progressive country for all the Filipinos. I must do my share to preserve culture. Today, people, especially the youth, who exhibit such patriotic stance are sometimes viewed as different; carved from another stone; shaped from another mold. I am a young citizen of my country. During the seminar that focused on the conflict in Mindanao, I was quite embarrassed of myself because we have to ask someone from a foreign land to teach us how to resolve the conflict in Mindanao. If only all young citizens do their part to combat the existing chaos in Mindanao, then the vision of a peaceful community is just a stone’s throw away.

There is an impending struggle to change for the better. Now is the right time to start this somewhat determined and difficult trek for a culture of integrity and excellence. Many would comment it might be too late in the day to introduce reforms and little changes which may matter in the pursuit of these lofty ideals. It is never too late to introduce simple and doable measures which might make little but significant steps to cleanse the Filipino psyche from being too obsessed with material gains to the extent of sacrificing one’s integrity.

Last Independence Day celebration would hopefully serve as the continuous reminder that every Filipino’s success has to be accompanied with guts, tolerance, determination, diligence, and faith in one’s capacity to reach for that goal no matter how hard it may seem. I may not know how to write propaganda in Spanish like Jose Rizal and Marcelo H. Del Pilar. I may not be like Andres Bonifacio and Ninoy Aquino who gave the ultimate sacrifice one can do for his country, to die for his country. Doing simple things that can create a ripple of change in my world is more than shedding blood in the battlefield. --RYAN P. MIRANDA