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Friday, 24 July 2015 14:59


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Not very long ago, there was a very cute habal-habal driver.

And this cute habal-habal driver, who was chubby and cheerful and naughty, was just ten years old.  And his name was Jomar.

When Jomar joined the group of cool motorcycle drivers, known as the habal-habal drivers, he became an instant favorite with them.  He was protected, and pampered, and anybody who messed around with Jomar, had a group of toughies to deal with.

He was the envy of the other kids in the neighborhood. He was classed with one of the cool drivers,  he could  kid around with them, he could buy anything he wanted, and eat just anything he craved for.

You may wonder, why he is not studying.  At ten he should be in Grade-4 yet.

Very true. But one day, his father gave him a brand new, red motorcycle.  You see, he was the only son and it gave his father great pleasure to  surprise him like this.

And because he could not yet drive in the highway, he decided to use it as habal-habal. He would have money and fame at the same time!  Who would not feel cute with a ten year old,  confidently driving a shiny motorcycle?

A few years went by, the envious elementary students became high school, and high school boys, who resented their mother for forcing them to go to school, instead of buying a shiny motorcycle, graduated, and went to college.

Young boys became very busy with school.  And the novelty of a very young chubby boy driving a motorcycle grew stale, and the people in the community got used to him already.

Then, after some more years, our cute, chubby  habal-habal driver was no longer chubby but thin, haggard and somber looking. There was nothing special about him anymore for he just blended with the rest of his fellow drivers — one of them already.

His school mates have finished college, while he has nothing to pursue academically,because he did not finish elementary education.

He enjoyed his“mark of distinction”ahead than his peers, when at age ten, he became the owner of a shiny, red motorcycle.

But the distinction wrought about by a high tech gadget or a motorcycle, or a  sleek car do not last long.  They eventually wear out like the material thing itself.

But the  success wrought about by education, is yours as long as you live.