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Sunday, 26 July 2015 16:14



San Jose, CA. — First, there was the alleged uncontrolled, illegal quarrying in Patalon that was blamed on negligence of the previous administration(s) to exercise vigilance. Then, there’s this dump site issue that has vexed (why only now?) some residents in Salaan who point to some clear and present dangers to their water source and environment. It’s not clear, though, whether the present administration is calling for an investigation based on the complaints lodged by the residents of that barangay. The presumption exists.

Next, the present local dispensation will admonish the former city hall sentinel for miserably failing to implement the Traffic Code of Zamboanga City that has created a monstrous gridlock in downtown Zamboanga and within city limits. Then, some bright boys in the brick will point out the poor conditions of national and city roads and will call the immediate-past administration incompetent, indeterminate and irresolute to appropriate funds for road repair. OMG, the war, as I predicted last year, between Mayor Ma. Isabel Climaco-Salazar and Congressman Celso L. Lobregat has begun.

The issue of unabated quarrying can be physically checked by anyone, the Doubting Thomases included. Simply ask the people at the Barangay Affairs Office (ooops, didn’t the ‘suspicious manifesto’ emanate from this office?) in City Hall how many quarrying permits it has issued this year, last year or to be precise the last nine years.

The dump site in Salaan can be examined, too, if there are doubts about its environmental attributes. To stop it from operating if these environmental questions aren’t convincingly answered, those whose properties were not purchased to form part of the dump site and, therefore, the value of their property reduced to near zero, may bring the matter to court.

I reckon Mr. Lobregat would not have risked opening a garbage site if he didn’t have the backing of the World Bank, the National Solid Waste Management Commission and the Solid Waste Management Board. And, as he justified, “there are no sites...considered as ideal...but barangay Salaan has comparatively less mitigating measures.” I don’t know what he meant by that.

As to the none or partial implementation of the traffic code, please allow Mr. Lobregat and retired City Administrator Junie Orendain some space to answer the pitch. San Jose Panigayan, where I, Eddie Cheong and Gerry Chiong used to play ‘siatung’, and Sevilla street have become private parking lots for public utility vehicles. The city streets downtown are used for parking, leaving less than two meters for vehicle use. If the traffic ordinance can’t be implemented, as the no-smoking law in public places, by all means abolish it.

How about the water and hateful power crises? How many in the water district board are Beng appointees? How many are hold-over appointees? How many in the Zamcelco board are “Batang Celso”? El pregunta: what have the officials done to resolve the yearly detestable water problem and the irritating power dilemma? I see a flaming arrow flying Mr. Lobregat’s way bowed from the archaic building along Valderrosa at. He’s got to thwart those objects of political destruction while he can because the next barrage of malicious insinuations against him will surely bury him. Malacanang will make sure of that.

It’s alright to fight for exclusion from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. But to fight against the enactment of the basic law at its present form that will create the ARMM and showing to the whole world the “boboness” of Malacanang is something unforgivable in the eyes of PNoy.