Obsession and your character PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:42


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

When you’re so obsessed with your career, you tend to become weird or frantic upon learning of a strong opponent coming up. Probably it’s because you cannot accept defeat or you cannot afford to lose of on the power or popularity you’re clinging to.

For example, that cocky pugilist by the name of Mayweather who is an undefeated champion of the world. His obsession is to retire from the ring without suffering any loss in his career as a boxer. So it took him five years to decide to accept the offer for a showdown on the canvas against the Filipino champion Pacquiao. Why simply because he cannot accept the thought of being trounced by the humble southpaw from Gen. Santos who has triumphantly made it to the top in the boxing world as the only one holding the championship belts in 8 divisions at one time. The Fight of the Century came about only when Mayweather was allegedly assured of the victory and indeed it happened which boxing aficionados termed it as a “hometown decision”.

In politics, we have VP Binay whose obsession is to take the presidency through the polls by 2016. So his political staff and campaign leaders are so wary and vigilant over all political developments taking place around especially events that have something to do with his presidential bid.

Lately the name of Sen. Grace Poe was one of those indicated in surveys and media commentaries as best presidential timber for the coming 2016 national elections. So the ever zealous drumbeater from Navotas came up with a report revealing some personal data regarding her residency and citizenship purposely to block her plan in the presidential race. If any. As a result, it exploded into a tense issue that somehow caused a rift in the Poe-Binay cordial relations. Sensing that it would bring more harm than good, the snoopy congressman has to apologize the tactful lady senator. At least, he knows what he did. On the other hand, VP Binay tried to parry the blows by saying that he has nothing to do with the expose of his spokesman. Oh my gosh, tell it to the marine turtles!

Be that as it may, don’t get us wrong. What we’re talking about here is not politics, but just a review about personal characters especially how they influence our lives. Like any ordinary facility we have in our office or job site, a machine for example We got to do sort of general cleaning or check-up in order to recondition it for a better performance and avoid any mishap. Fine tuning, technical experts say

When something goes wrong with our character, according to many psychologists. If left unchecked, that will bring disaster in life. The character of a person should be kept within the context of morality and not to be spilled over to overwhelm the mind and the heart until such time the person becomes a slave of his own character Thus, he’s bound to play the role of an odd character. Or, perhaps, out of this world.

A haggard looking bum suddenly crossed your path downtown. In dirty clothes, his eyes glowed with hunger as he turned his face to look at you. Huh! He’s once your best friend. How depressing!