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Thursday, 30 July 2015 10:43



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves…” (Isaiah 1:23, the Holy Bible).

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WAS AQUINO TRUTHFUL ON BINAY RESIGNATION? Was President Aquino being truthful when he said that he did not know what prompted the resignation of Vice President Jejomar Binay from the Cabinet? The short answer is no, he was not being truthful. Fact is, Aquino knew why Binay had to resign, and then blast the government with a speech that detailed corruption under Aquino’s presidency just a day or two later.

Truth is, every right thinking Filipino knew why Binay resigned. Now, if Aquino said he did not know why Binay resigned, he, Aquino, was just being true to form—untruthful, evasive, and is unable to accept what is wrong with him.

* * * *

BINAY RESIGNED DUE TO VILIFICATION CAMPAIGN: So, why did Binay resign? Well, who will not resign when each and every important official of government, including the allies of Aquino from other parties, had been hitting Binay left and right with a vilification campaign that would shame even the worst evil propagandist?

Would this vilification campaign, evidently aimed at derailing Binay’s presidential aspirations, have proceeded without Aquino’s direct go signal? Come on, Mr. President. Binay refused to hit back, despite the long-running vilification campaign against him, because of his past relationship with the Aquino family. Yet, there is an end even to patience, especially when one is already being roasted alive.

* * * *

MORE QUESTIONABLE DFA DEALS: Let us continue publishing here the other parts of the plunder complaint which was filed with the Ombudsman by Reynaldo Joson, a former division chief of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), against top officials and ambassadors of the DFA involving the annual P5 billion repair and maintenance budget of the agency. Read on:

“Repair and rehabilitation of DFA Building Power Center in the amount of Php4,256,000.00, contracted by Engr. Mario N. Chan; conversion of current e-passport system in the amount of Php1,504,937.49, contracted by the Office of Fiscal Management, DFA.

“Car rental for favored employee/s, but paid by DFA in the amount of Php2,000.00 per day, plus  Php10.00 per kilometer excess; expenses for the Career Minister Examination in the amount of Php4,434,702.00 contracted by AIM, 2014 Foreign Service Officer Qualifying Test, in the amount of Php1,698.675.00; and Board of Foreign Service examination in the amount of Php15,000,000.00.

* * * *

DFA OFFICERS CORNERED JUICY CONTRACTS? “Repair and rehabilitation of the two Elevator Units at DFA South Wing Annex Building, in the amount of Php9,250,000.00, contracted by Hyatt Elevators and Escalators; outsourcing of passport encoders for the Regional Consular Office in the amount of Php18,337,506,60, contracted by DBP Service Corporation.

“From the foregoing, it is clear that DFA officers are cornering for themselves juicy concessions, in connivance with respondent private contractors, since the projects are either over-budgeted or re-budgeted, and/or corrective measures only…” More of this next issue!

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