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Saturday, 01 August 2015 11:18



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Mark 10:43, the Holy Bible).

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AND SO, FINALLY, IT IS MAR ROXAS FOR PRESIDENT: And so the die is cast, for Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party, and President Aquino’s “straight path” program in government. Officially, Mar is now Aquino’s choice, and the Liberal Party’s presidential candidate in 2016. But will he be the choice of God? Has God destined him for the presidency? And, does he have an agenda for God?

I am confident that for 2016, at a time when the signs of the Second Coming continue to be fulfilled, God will choose a leader from this country who will have an agenda for Him, a leader who has fear and love of Him, and who listens to Him and obey His commands.

Biblically, this country and its people have a mission for God, particularly in proclaiming His Word and being an instrument of power and salvation, not only in the Philippines but in the whole world during the end time, so that He is going to make sure that His next leader for his chosen country will have a heart that is righteous and spiritual.

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LAWYER PROPOSES ELECTION OF SENATORS BY DISTRICT: Filipino lawyer Marlowe Camello who is now based in the US has a proposal towards the election of senators by district or by region. Let’s read it: “In order to equitably speed up evenly the economic progress nationwide at par with Luzon, it is only fair tha tthe election of senators be done by districts.

“This will fairly equalize the bargaining power of each region through their elected senators to achieve a fair money allotment to support essential projects in each region around the country. The Senate shall then serve as a political glue to bind the central government and the regions like they do in the U.S…

“Once economic prosperity is achieved in the other remote regions, dense population and traffic congestion in metropolitan cities, such as Manila and Quezon City, shall greatly ease. Commerce shall spread evenly between regions, provinces and cities that will equally benefit all segments of the country.

* * * *

REGIONS MUST BE REPRESENTED IN THE SENATE: “At present, the country has already been apportioned into seventeen regions. All that is needed is to designate such regions as senatorial districts. Each district shall then be represented by two native born senators. This will guarantee that all regions, such as the poorest regions of Caraga and ARMM, among others, will be loyally represented in the senate.

“To achieve the purpose of this proposition, there would be a need to amend Article VI, Sections 2 and 3, of the Constitution to increase the number of senators to 34 in the Senate. The increase is justified because of the tremendous population growth of the Philippines since the first composition of the Senate at 24 was established. Election at large of senators should be abolished.

“To prevent the build up of political dynasties in the Senate, no person shall be nominated for senator if he has any relative within 3 degrees of blood or family or adoptive relationship who holds a political, appointive or judicial position in any national or local government office, otherwise, his nomination and/or election to the senate shall be void even if he shall have taken his oath of office for violation of this rule…”

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