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Monday, 03 August 2015 10:59



Los Angeles, CA. — With the anointment of Manuel A. Roxas II by President Aquino as the standard bearer of the Liberal Party, the critical moment in the 2016 election has come. We all presume that VP Jojo Binay, the castigated, chastised, publicly censured for alleged corruption and figuratively fed to the lions, is the presidential candidate of the resistance — those belonging to the opposition, in other words contenders or adversaries. (Why do we call those opposed to a particular regime opposition?)

MAR (his initials) has promised to continue the straight path government, or the road to salvation, and crusade against corruption and malfeasance in government.

The scorned VP Binay promises to make our country more beautiful. Now, the nation patiently awaits Sen. Grace Poe, already the object of malicious insinuations, to make her dramatic announcement to run for president. Finally, there’s this alleged alliance of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Bong-Bong Marcos. The tandem, I heard, has been going around Mindanao to feel the pulse of the people (hic).

MAR will try his theatrical best to show his love for the poor. He will mingle with the market vendors as he did when he was the trade and industry secretary of ERAP. (Incidentally, MAR was the first one to resign from ERAP’s cabinet at the onset of EDSA Dos.) As always, his personality will be the subject of speculation — his wisdom and platform of government other than the straight path started by PNoy, how he acquired or added to his “old wealth”, his aristocratic wife and his accomplishments (not praises he received from his immediate boss) while he was the secretary of transportation and communications and as interior and local government head. Also, he must outline what he did as one of ERAP’s trustees.

VP Binay? He’s got a lot to answer for — his astonishing wealth, his alleged Batangas hacienda, his alleged more than 200 bank accounts, etcetera. How much did he fork from his pork barrel fund for personal use? That’s why people can’t take their eyes and ears off him and his family. His critics, the administration’s Department of Dirty Tricks, will not stop throwing everything at him until the last two days before Election Day.

Sen. Poe? Tabi po! Only one. She’s inexperienced. See what happened to the administration of Cory Aquino. How many attempted coup d’état? How many betrayals in her cabinet? She was simply a housewife catapulted to power by the zions and the Marcos renegades, termed by the dictator as traitors to the republic. One of them is now languishing in jail.

Mayor Duterte? I had the privilege of interviewing him a long time ago at Lantaka Hotel when Cesar C. Climaco’s was our mayor. He was younger then, lean and full of vigor. He spoke in tag-list. He’s like the mythical Harry Callaghan who calls out the drug dealers, smugglers and criminals to make his day. That made Davao one of the safest cities in the world. For that, he is admired and well-loved by the good guys and gals. He said he will jail all the crooks in the bureaucracy and hunt down every criminal. By the time he’s done, there will no longer be a functional government. Gets?

So, choose your wildest. Poe and Duterte will bank on heavy donors to run their respective campaigns because they don’t have a substantial start-up fund. Roxas and Binay have unlimited resources and they just don’t come in paper money alone. Entiendes? Roxas, unlike the other three, has probably the most important backer, next to Mr. P. — Uncle Sam. What say ustedes, SWS and Pulse Asia?

The circus has arrived. Charleston Heston would describe it as the “greatest show on earth.”