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Monday, 03 August 2015 11:00



These are short, spontaneous prayers that come out of our heart in love with God. We need to cultivate the practice of making these prayers so we can always be with God, keeping our faith, hope and charity for him and for others alive and burning, whatever situation we may find ourselves in.

We need to realize that our mind and heart need to be pumped and revved up by their proper fuel. And in the end, it’s no just things around nor some abstract theories and ideals that fill them up. It’s God who gives himself completely to us through his gifts of faith, hope and charity that he gives so abundantly.

While there are special moments when we can be particularly close to God in some intimate prayer and mutual immersion, as when we do our mental prayer, meditation, day of recollection, days of closed retreat, etc., we have to realize that in the ordinary flow of the day, we are constantly keeping that intimacy, this time through these short, spontaneous ejaculatory prayers.

Otherwise, we will always be prone to ignore and forget God, and from there start the deviation that can really end with a big disaster, as when we develop anger and hostility toward God, or total indifference to him.

Let’s remember what happened to Christ when he returned to his hometown. His town-mates could not believe they had a neighbour who could speak and do things Christ did. They found him too much for them, and they finally fell to fault-finding. (cfr Mt 13,54-58)

This is a typical example of how familiarity breeds contempt that, sad to say, is rampant even today when we are supposed to be more educated and civilized. Christ himself, the very God who became man, could not help but say, “No prophet is not without honor except in his own country, and in his own house.”

We always have the tendency to take God for granted. This is something we have to be most aware of and to be properly prepared to tackle and resolve. That is why we need to make these ejaculatory prayers all the time so that our immersion in the things of the world would also immerse us more and more in God.

We have to make many acts of faith, hope and charity during the day. We can repeat as often as we can prayers like, “I love you, Lord,” “I believe in you, Lord, help my unbelief,” “I trust you and hope in you who are my sure rock and refuge,” etc.

Or we can say, “Thank you, Lord, for this and for that,” “Sorry, Lord, for this and for that,” “Help me, Lord, in this endeavour, in this trial, in this need and difficulty,” etc.

During extraordinary times, when we are specially high or low, let’s flow with these ejaculatory prayers to keep us close to God and not lose our proper footing amid the strong impulses of our emotions.

And during ordinary times, when things appear normal and even humdrum, we should manage to keep intimacy with God. We have to avoid feeling empty and just drifting along what our senses and feelings would lead us. The spiritual life of faith, hope and charity has to be vibrating.

We may have to make use of some human devices as reminders and triggers for us to make these ejaculatory prayers. For sure, all these will be all worthwhile. With these ejaculatory prayers, we can maintain a spiritual and supernatural outlook toward life in general, and even to draw God to do miracles with us.

These prayers do not hamper our ordinary work, nor would they lead us to be up in the clouds. On the contrary, they will help us to be more realistic and more attentive to what is truly essential in any situation that can be swamped with many incidentals. They are good guides in our often-tumultuous journey in life.

More than these, these ejaculatory prayers help us to keep distance from temptations and dangers. And if we find ourselves in those situations, these prayers help us to be resistant, because they will always keep in touch with God who is our strength and salvation.

Obviously, we have to learn how to be natural and discreet in doing this. Christ said that when we pray, we should not show off that we are praying or fasting, to grab the attention of others. We have to appear natural and even cheerful.

We have to make ejaculatory prayers an integral part of our life. Right at the beginning of the day, we should already start making ejaculatory prayers.