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Saturday, 08 August 2015 10:42



Los Angeles, CA. — So it was announced, and so it shall be fulfilled. It was an avowal of war against her long-time confederale in politics. The suspense is over. I wrote about this a year ago.

No more conjectures, hypothesis, indecisiveness as she has displayed the last few weeks. Even her heavy donors are relieved of standing on pins and needles because they are now certain that Mayor Ma. Isabel G. Climaco-Salazar is running for reelection. I wrote before the last blue moon that she would seek reelection because her backers intimated to me that their “gallina”, is not giving in to some surrogates who are egging her to step aside in favor of their “gallo”, Congressman Celso L. Lobregat. Now, the break-up is real.

The battle lines have been drawn. Clearly, her ties with Mr. Lobregat has been severed. From now on, she’ll be meeting Mr. Lobregat like the wind (pasa por nada). Their affiliation, affectation of fondness for each other, have transposed into aversion. Next week, or this Sunday to be exact, Mr. Lobregat, if he isn’t in Manila preparing to interpellate Rep. Rufus Rodriguez on the BBL, may announce his plan for 2016. Carl Van Doren has this to say: “The race of men, while sheep in credulity, are wolves for conformity.” Kindly interpret that for me, please.

Mayor Climaco-Salazar said over radio that she’s just waiting for the forms (aha) to arrive from the Liberal Party headquarters (in Cubao, Quezon City) so that she can start building her yellow and blue ticket, from vice mayor to the last city council aspirant. For sure, VM Cesar Ituralde will be gunning for his third and last term with the red shirts headed by Mr. Lobregat. I still maintain that Councilor Gerky Valesco, not Councilor Elong Natividad, will be the mayor’s running mate.

Mrs. Climaco-Salazar will be hard-pressed packing her ticket with winnables. She will need a good spotter to pick the better ones, the qualified ones. She can start with those who flunked in the last election and count on the incumbent members of the opposition and convert them into yellow and blue (the official colors of the Golden State Warriors) because the rojos will now be the opposition.

Because they look up to his good name and fortune, the opportunists will crowd Mr. Lobregat. He isn’t as extravagant as his beloved mother was, not as stylish and swanky as Atty. Vic Solis or Erbie Fabian, but he moves and speaks like the peninsulare that he is — smooth, polished and diplomatic. He will, as he is expected to do, give those awe-inspiring speeches and well-researched lectures all over the country on his favorite topic, the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Just like “leche flan”, a sublime party dessert, the political aspirants will present themselves as sweet probables to him at the White House in Nunez.

Mrs. Climaco-Salazar may be the LP’s indomitable candidate for mayor, but her snobbishness, as perceived by her critics and the media, could severely damage her campaign.

It wasn’t easy for her to manage her government the last two years or so. Her first baptism of fire was literally hell — the 2013 Zamboanga siege that brought our economy down and sent us back to an uncertain future. Her second test of leadership was how to get rid of the stubborn settlers along the island of R.T. Lim boulevard and the sports complex.  Virtually, her first 18 months in office was not as fruitful as she had wanted it to be because her time was drained attending to the evacuees and making certain that Zamboanga was safe from a repeat of the siege. Her first major infrastructure project was the opening of a road that will connect Nunez ext. to Gov. Ramos ave. in Sta. Maria.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lobregat has been scoring big points from his BBL lectures and congressional-initiated projects in his district. He said that he is still consulting with his constituents about his plan for 2016. Sir, there is no such thing happening. Everybody knows that you are running for mayor...unless. There’s no need for you, sir, to telegraph your punches. Just face the media on your Sunday press conference and tell them that you’re running for mayor. Be quick about it, sir. Some of your diehards are moving over to the other side. You might wake up one day to find out that only the honorable Rudy Lim (my cousin), retired city administrator Junie Orendain, former Councilor Rey Candido and Councilor Eddie Saavedra and a handful of barangay captains are on your side.

While in office, though short, Mrs. Climaco-Salazar invested well in politics. Make no mistake about it. In so doing, she can sleep well.