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Saturday, 08 August 2015 10:42



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… It is time for you to act, Lord; your law is being broken…” (Psalm 119:126, the Holy Bible).

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COMELEC MUST RULE ON POE CASE PROMPTLY: I hope the Commission on Elections will shun technicalities and partisan politics and proceed to promptly squarely rule on the issue of whether or not Sen. Grace Poe has the right to run for Senator or for any other elective office in the Philippines.

This in view of her having previously renounced her Filipino citizenship to become an American citizen, and just recently, re-acquired that Filipino citizenship by taking an oath of allegiance to the Philippines.

This is a very important issue, not only insofar as Grace Poe’s being a senator, or her running for the presidency or vice presidency in 2016. It is more important in the light of persistent reports that many other Filipino politicians are in the same factual and legal status that she is in at the moment.

* * * *

MANY OTHER POLITICIANS CARRY FOREIGN CITIZENSHIPS? The fact is, I have been repeatedly informed that many of our past and present elected officials continued holding on to their American (and other countries’) citizenships even while they were already discharging their duties in government in our country, a task which pertains solely to natural born Filipino citizens.

The case of Sen. Poe should therefore serve as a handle towards unmasking those who have given up their Filipino citizenships and acquired the citizenship of other countries, but continue to hold sensitive elective and even appointive positions in our government.

These politicians should no longer be allowed to hold those positions after rebuking their being Filipinos. After all, they have displayed their capacity to be disloyal to the Republic and to the Filipino nation by easily relinquishing their Filipino citizenships.

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HDMF SCAM, PART III? Here is a further reaction to our two part-series on what appears to be a scam at the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) where its officials appear to be paying big money so-called “membership maturity benefits” to government employees who have already retired, even when these retirees did not apply for those benefits and who were not given even a single centavo of what was supposed to be paid to them.

Read on: “Good morning Atty. Mauricio. I’m happy that you are now looking at perceived anomalies in HDMF as indicated in your column `Kakampi Mo Ang Batas’. I hope you can also include inquiries regarding the seemingly exorbitant insurance premiums HDMF charges to housing loan availees. I am an availee of a housing loan (home improvement)  for P1.7 million. Thus, the financed mortgaged asset is covered by fire insurance also for P1.7 million.

“While I acknowledge the benefit of an insurance coverage, my concern is the amount of the premium which I noticed to be so exorbitant. The same property has been also covered by similar type of insurance for P1 million which I placed myself with a very reputable company. For the past three years, the annual premium is only P1,905.00. HDMF, for P1.7 million, I paid P8,287.80… Why the big difference?”

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