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Monday, 17 August 2015 14:07

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


A brief historical background on this write-up, written as early as about seven long months ago. It so happened in those them days, I was not yet in on the net. So, being brutally frank, I was devoid of knowledge on how on to get abreast of the latest developments hereabout, without having to buy newspapers. So, I just saved this on my files. But now, although at a very late a time, I started getting into the net, and learned surfing for news. For a starter, here is that  aged article:

“As you may very well notice, this opinion column is yet untitled. This is on purpose, for as of now I am yet truly in sort of a fix. Given my reputation, humility alongside, all these past years, there is no denying, I am known by my bombastic character in the media profession.

But in these recent months, I started feeling the pinch of this fix, as my biggest critic in life, in a bid to strengthen my position and in the process help push for the entry of my heir apparent in local politics, was egging me to adopt the trait of a  lesser venomous mediaman. Wow! Such a tall order.

So, I guess by now, you would be able to read between the lines, decipher and empathize with my desolation, hugh? Without antagonizing my personal critic, I have to strive maintaining my sting and at the same satisfy my Number 1 censor; who I identify to be my wife

Easily, after being subjected to a tragic man-made defeat in the last polls, I would have maintained my canioñaso image and exact vengeance from the hand that dealt me my misfortune.

Man-made defeat?, one may surely ask. Yes, no ifs and no buts, so many believe HOCUS-PCOS did me in. That demonic PCOS is born of technology, and all machines are run by humans, subject domination by manipulative hands of powers-that-be, able to pay up corrupt officials and expert expert-technicians.

And that man-made defeat was yet accentuated by how COMELEC treated the electoral protest I ensuably filed. For clarity, please read carefully. My protest was for the opening and counting of three clustered precincts, namely Talisayan, Canelar and Cabatangan. But to my dismay, four days before the scheduled canvassing of the ballots in Manila, per local COMELEC records, the Cabatangan cluster - under protest as it was -  had surreptitiously been flown to Manila as early as the 15th July 2013, only some two (2) after the local polls; minus any notice to my counsel Gian Enriquez nor to me as appellant. All these were formally certified by COMELEC here as supposedly for the purpose of opening the same to count the votes of the party list bets. Whew! A single cluster of only five (5) precincts to determine the fate of the party lists standing! Unbelievable, but true. It happened as certified. It just so happened, totaled dismayed as I was, I dumped all documents to my protest into the trash bin

So, what were the results? In the order of counting. In the unopened Talisayan cluster consisting of five (5) precincts, I won by twenty eight (28) votes over the last slot holder. In the other unopened  Canelar cluster with six (6) precincts, again I won by thirty (33) votes giving a me a total of sixty one (61) vote-lead. But when  the presumably-tarnished Cabatangan cluster with only five (5) precincts, was counted, I was massacred by fifty nine (59) votes, leaving me with a total lead of only two (2) votes allowing the eighth (8) placer to retain his slot with a PCOS-generated remainder of a thirty (35) vote-lead.

Of course, per Lawyer Gian Enriquez’ advice, we could have questioned the premature and clandestine sending to Manila of the Cabatangan cluster that was under protest, with an exclamation point clearly in secrecy! But per family’s consensus, we let go, for it would have just the same been flushed down the toilet bowl, manipulated as evidently gleaned, for it was an overt COMELEC act. Therefore, how then would they have ever overturned themselves.

And what could have been even more disastrous is if my protest was to procrastinate in COMELEC, and two (2) months before the next local polls are to be held, as what usually happens of most electoral protests, a decision favorable to me is handed down - ha ha ha - that would have banned me for seeking another term, a 2nd-time 3-termer as I shall have been by that time.

So, how would that then leave me now as an opinion writer? The simplest possible way, take in stride all the miseries thrown unto me, aching as they are; and go by wife’s pleadings, loving as she is.

But let there be no mistaking, I promise you —  domesticated, tamed, diplomatic or by whatever term one may call it — the CABATO sting will deliver!

Ergo, while swaying with wind, the CABATO muscle will lash like the wind!

Thus,. emerges “Sound Snipings”