TODAY’S MANNA: Crammed, trampled & crushed but valuable PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 June 2011 14:49

I heard this illustration from Ate Shy. She just graduated AB English from Ateneo last March.
If I’ll give you a P1,000 bill would you like? Of course who will not! But if I’ll cram the bill will you still want it? I presume! If I’ll throw and trample it on a muddy ground, will you again want it! I believe the same. Last, what if I’ll crush it will you still insist? I won’t doubt!
Well, despite the bill is crammed, trampled & crushed its value didn’t change. It’s still worth as P1,000!

Life is a game that in our gambles we inevitably are crammed, trampled & crushed but our real value do not change that we are human beings created higher than anything in the universe fact than angels. Plants and animals are called creatures but not the human. We are CREATIONS, meaning a masterpiece to someone. I’m talkin’ about God. Beloved you are a MASTERPIECE created by God with a purpose. You have a destiny to fulfill.

I handle tens of youths. Adolescence & early teenage is the transition where individuals adjust much. One time a pretty 21 year old lady came to me in tears because her boyfriend impregnated her. This lady was a Miss Teen Zamboaga title holder some three years ago and was just a graduate of Nursing from a prestigious university as a scholar. She also made it in her nursing board exam, but then her predicament. Her parents were crushed when they learnt.

Together with her boyfriend they came to me for counseling. My first advice was not to abort the fetus. I told them to tell their parents about it (because at that time they still didn’t know) and not to hide. They were too scared.

Long story short, indeed they passed through certain consequences. They temporarily separated. The guy went to work overseas while the girl delivered the baby. Later she also found a job. Eventually they re-united abroad and work in a same City. And now the baby just turned 2 years old.

Both of the parents & them are still picking their pieces. But the truth still remains, nothing changed. God gives us this grace we call RESTORATION. It’s a process where God brings back to us what we loss.

The grandparents are now the happiest because of the baby. He is their angel in the family.
After you fell, crammed, trampled & crushed you stand up. Shake your dust and keep up because your value didn’t change. Gods bless you.--PASTOR BERLIE YAP