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Wednesday, 19 August 2015 10:43

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

In both local and national levels, the political struggle remains to be a guessing game. In Zamboanga, the scenario appears a lot clearer, though. To me, truth is, the handwriting on the wall has been painted several months ago. I had figured that soon as the tarps bearing the message, “No te vayas Zamboanga” (Don’t leave Zamboanga) sprouted all over.

To me, at least, that was and remains to be the reading. Practical logic. Interpreting subject message, one can then surmise that in tenor it bears similarity with Vaya con Dios, the slogan of Beng.. In meaning, it strikes me entirely different.

Vaya con Dios, if I am not mistaken connotes: Leave things in God’s hands.

Tarps, No te vayas Zamboanga clearly owes up to its own definition: Don’t leave Zamboanga.

That’s where I detect where the intent lies in the sprouted tarps. With emphasis, this is what strikes me.. Pardon if I’m wrong. It could mean, Vaya con Dios is an over-used catchphrase that has not borne good leadership and governance in Zamboanga City. There should be new one. That is, No te vayas Zamboanga, for this is what will bring back good leadership and governance in Zamboanga City.

Reading further in-between the “lies”, he he, my mistake, sorry. I meant in-between the lines. No te vayas, may yet have other meanings, as Do not leave Zamboanga brings along certain other signals One could even be a ridicule of some sort.

Pointing out one. It could be, Zamboanga is in disorder, “Do not abandon Zamboanga”. Try this other versions for size, “Do not leave Zamboanga in disarray”, “Do not leave Zamboanga in siege.” One more, if you will, “Do not leave Zamboanga at the mercy of  intruders, inclusive of thieves, guns for hire, kidnappers and more so, rebels”.

Ergo, the political field  here, with a third party yet in the offing, will at this stage, be top-billed by Celso and Beng battle.

Delving on a third party. This far, very unlikely. No moneyed politician or any other entity is in sight.

Who are the moneyed politicos?

For one, Le Peng Wee. Heard him personally say, “I’m out.”

In the business sector, not a whimper from anyone.

Meng Agan. Nary a snivel, either.

Monsi dela Cruz, unless he eats his repetitive words, he has avowed to gun solely for a congressional seat.

Who else? Oh, yes, a reluctant entrant, Mario Yanga. Borrowing Shakespeare’s words, “To be or not to be, that is the question.”

This time on to the national level. For presidency, for now the clear protagonists are Jojo Binay and Mar Roxas. For either one, vice presidential aspirants, unclear.

On the sides holding their cards close to their chests, but with preying stances are Bongbong Marcos ,Grace Poe; at times with pronounced vacillation, Digong Duterte.

And any of the latter three just may slide later to the vice VP post. Presumed to be in their company is Chiz Escudero.

Friends, to me, things as they are, the guessing continues. This bears watching.

* * * *

Logically, as the first item came via fb, my source may be identified for the item came by his own account, Albert Luna. The 2nd message coming as it did via messenger may necessarily mean the sender at this point in time desires anonymity. So, I have to respect that.

First blind item. “As copy/pasted from his fb account, Blind item:

Quien gaha este un alto opisyal tiene debe na Zamcelco 290 mil de pesos “. Via messenger I inquired, “Bert, in confidence, could you please supply me the identity of that official.” His reply, “He he, amigo kel dituyu. Mata cumigo.” (He he, he is your friend. He will kill me.) I egged him further on. No reply came anymore.

Isn’t that intriguing? Owing ZAMCELCO so much, yet enjoying power, and when the lowly Juan dela Cruzes miss 2 months payment of only about Php 700, they are mercilessly divested of electricity! Wow naman. Tipped by a mediaman himself, I will allow him the privilege to probe into the matter. But if nothing comes out of it within a reasonable period of time, I will move. Friend or no friend. There should be equal treatment to government officials as well as to the ordinary man.


Ha, Staff lang, that much!!! Que horror. Isn’t tat intriguing? This should be probed. For if only as a staff member, he or she could amass that much money, how more for his/her boss. God, if true, bless Zamboanga.