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Friday, 21 August 2015 14:44


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Once there were two little boys who were classmates.  Both of them came from the same  kind of family.  Their names were Jesus and Tito.

Their families were just very ordinary, that when they were naughty in school, the teachers would not think twice in punishing them for fear that a powerfula uncle or grandfather might accost them and sue them of child abuse.

No, they did not have this mighty kind of relative who would assert wrongly or rightly for their young relations. All of them in the family were just simple and unschooled.

These two  little boys experienced the same adventures. During recess, they played with marbles, or climbed trees, or ran around with other children.  And if they were sure their mothers would not know, they had fist fights with the other little bullies, for ordinary boys are really tough even if they were little angels during bed time.

And if we come to think of it, toughness is really an asset, that is, if you had other qualities inside, other than hardiness.

They also had the same opportunities. Like the opportunity to learn reading and develop their character.

A stern male teacher taught them reading and he was very particular with neatness.  He, himself, was a paragon of neatness.  His shoes were the blackest and shiniest; not one strand of his hair was misplaced as it was held very securely  above his wide forehead by some very thick pomade. His fingernails were pink with merthiolate,  and glossy with colorless cutex.

His nasal voice sounded tuneful as he taught them reading and many big boys mimicked his style of talking  during recess time. All of them would have a good time doing this.

And even if the eccentric teacher afforded the boys amusement, he was a very good teacher. He was meticulous with pronunciation and spelling and usage.

When you learned reading in his class, you also acquired its spelling, antonyms,and  alsolearnt how to use them in the sentence.

And Jesus, the ordinary little boy, learned many things from him and as he grew, he was greatly improved, because he was a wise boy inside, even if he was naughty outside.

Tito, on the other hand, did not appreciate instructions. He did not like to learn how to read because it interrupted with his  good time and foolishness.

And do you know what happened to these two ordinary boys who had the same adventures and equal opportunities?

Jesus, who made use of his privileges, became a principal, in fact he is my principal now.  But, his classmate, Tito,who neglected education,became a janitor in the same school.

Jesus looks very alert and dignified, while Tito is slower than ever, and even when he holds the stick broom, he seems to have no idea where to start sweeping.

Imagine that! Two boys from the same kind of family, but when you look at the disparity in their bearing, you will never guess  that they had the same experiences and were offered equal opportunities fifty years ago. I am more convinced than ever that life is what you make it.