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Sunday, 23 August 2015 17:11

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

I am intrigued in a portion of Janet Napoles’s affidavit as narrated by Sen. TG Guingona, sometime in 26th May 2014, that posted in the L.A. Zamboanga Times recently.

The quote as copy-pasted, “Specifically, it was through then Batanes Rep. Florencio Abad that she learned that she needed an NGO or cooperative to be able to deal with the agencies, she said.”

The intriguing part, as I seriously ponder on it, is: Napoles got the idea from then Batanes representative Butch Abad. Why then would he teach her?

Thereupon, Abad is now Budget Secretary, the official who scrutinizes  and approves appropriation measures.

Intriguing, think so?

To me it is. Veeeerrrry! Question. As a teacher turned principal, what has been his role in the disposition of the PDAP and DAP funds? Whew ..! How eerie a feeling is striking me. Goosey. Billions of money, all needing his nod.

A puzzler. When a student like Napoles and cohorts allegedly stashed in money, how does that make of a principal? A simple guess work, nay analysis, will paint the picture.

* * * *

While the power situation these days seeming a lot stable than in previous days, we have to b e watchful of developments over at  the NPC Lanao.

To me, GM George Ledesma, is doing his level best to remedy whatever  situation that develops, given the present NPC state of affairs. You may validate his efforts by the following messages he earlier sent in reply upon ninquiry. “The following day we check what was alloted, delivered, and actual usage. So it’s always the following day we do the supply vs demand vs usage analysis. Despite the NGCP advisories we get we sometimes dont have blackout coz: 1. Usage is less than projected 2. If pulangi plant (hydro) output went down sumtimes sum plants output wud incris a little. 3. We add TMI delivery time fr contract of 12hrs to 24hrs including mapalad The mindanao grid capacity can be check at ngcp website. You can compare wat luzon visayas have.”

So, when we criticize him, let us also look at his efforts, vis a avis, the situation at hand. Do not focus only the inconvenience we suffer, let us also appreciate the counter efforts, the GM exerts. Look over, please.

“I personally check the actual blackout sked per area to ensure that no personal interventions are made by coop employees or by special requests.”

Now, if those last two messages do not describe his resilience and industry to duties and responsibilities, what more should we demand for?

* * * *

While I had said, I do normally relish on blind potshots, I can not help but be amused in some. Owing most probably to her acknowledge entrenchment with the Palace by the Pasig River, some tend to view the efforts infused by her  as perhaps superficial knowing the architect of the BBL is the President, whose support she has to maintain in the fight for the elections next year. This is a copy-pasted text sent to me. Read over. “In Zamboanga, BBL stands for B-angsamoro B-eng L-anggah“

Really amusing, don’t you think? Such quotes is a typical sample product of prolific Filipino minds.

* * * *

I thank all for the numerous comments and likes that have been coming in reaction to my article here. Muchas gracias. I encourage more feedbacks, as my time and efforts in nwriting are truly compensated. Muchas Gracias.

By early next month, , I will strive to write in a few lines or so just the same, as I will be joining up with the Cabinet of Mongueh for a 2nd trip to Manila his gathering with former classmates and friends. The first trip was to witness the opening of his son’s fourth medical clinic that per earlier photos I saw of the first, is one of the most equipped clinics I have ever seen.

The first clinic that is still in operation more that a year ago is perched of the entire floor of the Ejercito building along Shaw Boulevard.

The new one recently opened on the 8th  this month is strategically located in the YMCA building in Chinatown of Ongpin.