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Monday, 24 August 2015 12:04

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Are there no meatier and acceptable legislative measures that President Aquino is moving to push hard other than the BBL and Anti Dynasty Bill? Good gracious!

This far, on BBL I have said a mouthful. So, Anti Dynasty Bill today. I see not much wisdom in such restrictive proposition for anyone in a family to seek an elective position when a member is already sitting in one.

What is saner, is the existing Nepotism law. Simply said, a political post does not come by appointment nor by designation from anyone. Politicians are chosen by the people. Therefore, I see nothing wrong for good family members to sit in more than one elective posts; for they submit themselves to a selection process between and among rival bets. Whosoever gets elected would only indicate the choice of the electorate. Perceivably the electorate cast their votes on merits of the candidates by their own standards, such as, but no limited to, capacity, capability, ability, integrity, decency, intelligence, and performance in both the public and private sectors. Looks even count, for sure.

Vote-buying, one may add. So be it. That could be a plus factor qualification. Good for them, though. They worked for their wealth, anyway. Sharing could be consented. It’s their money after all

Admittedly one added plus factor is HOCUS PCOS. Now, that is the sanest possible restriction bill for a president to push. With rigidity!

Things laid down, who needs the Anti Dynasty Bill? If I may say so, down with it.

* * * *

Hey! No sooner had I spoken about having said a mouthful on the BBL, and I come across this in the Manila Standard. “In a statement, the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) of Sorsogon formally expressed its support for the BBL as it called on Congress to pass the proposed measure.” So goes this two-liner.

Sorsogon PPOC, padlock your mouths! What the heck do you know about our sentiments here  in Mindanao.

* * * *

With latest survey results showing a razor-sharp Pnoy decline in acceptance, I tend to agree with pronounced  views that the Aquino endorsement of  Mar Roxas for president is a kiss of death.

Gloss over these commentaries from a respected political analyst Mon Casiple - Casiple said that Vice President   Jejomar Binay, like most vice presidents, reaped the most benefit from such situations since the public does not see them as the government’s representative as much as the president.

Acknowledged to be consistent in satisfactory ratings in all previous surveys since sitting as president, events are taking a turn. Read on -  Casiple said that the decline in Aquino’s  trust rating was bigger compared to those experienced by most of the past presidents, excluding former President turned Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Yung rate ng baba niya in a matter of nine months, hindi ayos yun (The rate [in which the trust of the people] declined in a matter of months does not look good),? stated Casiple.

Casiple disputed the statement of Malacañang spokesman Ricky Carandang that “the issue was only a perception problem which can be solved by informing the public of what they have done.”

And what have they really done, as he went on. “the important issue was that the president’s performance did not sit well with the public. He said that the Aquino administration did not seem to have a clear program of governance while many issues await presidential policy.”

As President Pnoy continues to move with his doggedness in decisions and public discourses, Roxas then may most surely be dragged further drown. What with his present poor popularity ratings.

* * * *

Consider one more later move. To me, it was an apparent zarzuela. The earlier resignation of Roxas as DILG secretary, I mean. His resignation has not even heated up, yet was acted upon with dispatch at the spur of a moment. Ponder on this. The announcement of Mar’s resignation came hand in hand with Pnoy’s rejection. Time element is suspect of moro-moro. The manifested elements present are that of a stage-managed resignation. What say you?

A second Aquino family collaborative and seemingly syndicated exploit is the one at Hacienda Luisita. The Cojuangcos reortedly  started collecting a pricey toll fee on motorists who cross through the roadway, presumably but with clarity in their property. But it was constructed using government funds. And per newspaper account that quotes, “The public should have free access.  It’s for public use. It’s supposed to be an open road, Casanova said by telephone on Tuesday. The idea is to enhance economic activities in the area.”

And according to the report, no less than four thousand (4,000) vehicles pass through said road. Ironically, things as they are because the owners are reported be openly collecting toll fees, the property on where the mentioned road was constructed is still privately-owned.

How then without possible government consent, was it made possible, ? ‘Cause basically, undertaking projects on private properties is illegal per se.

So, there need I say more?

Adendum - 1. Casanova is head of the BCDA. 2. My express apology to the paper that published the report. Due to time pressure, have no time to go get back to web site check for my source. So, sorry.

* * * *

Some more NPC woes continue to plague us, and per GM Ledesma’s earlier message, all of the Mindanao area. His message yesterday/ MRCC: System Advisory Aug 03, 2015: 0000H - 2400H in Red Alert State, Contingency Reserve is Zero. 1500H - 2400H Customers Load allocation from NPC/PSALM is adjusted based on a DEFICIENCY of 70MW; This is due to increase capacity of Pul4 HEP from 60MW to 90MW due to partial correction on its clogged up power intake.”

Hopefully, ZAMCELCO officials would be able to see any salvageable palliatives for us here.