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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 13:46

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato


If you have noticed, most of the topics I touch on in this column are on the national level. Two (2) reasons.

1st. Earlier, local dailies appear to have stopped running a web site wherein I could browse over local stories and be well-abreast of developments hereabout. I did, however, chance upon one that is titled “Zamboanga News”. Thanks, but no thanks. Seems like a propaganda arm of only one camp, the administration’s. Radio and TV; naaah, not much to sit down view and listen. Having requested recently from Editor Roy DZT’s web page week, probably next, I will move local.

2nd. Truth is, Zamboanga developments these days, especiall on nthe political field, seem too dreary. Lifeless. Major players appear to be ove-cautious in their moves, the unfolding turn of events in Manila, where therfe is too much action. Don’t you think so?

* * * *

Seems like the playing field in the presidential race will further bulge with aspirants, as the filing date of COC’s approaches.

While the pronouncement did not actually come from the principal player, the head of a political party seemingly gave a confident statement - “Sen. Grace Poe has decided to seek the presidency in the May 2016 elections, Isabela Rep. Giorgidi Aggabao, acting president of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), said yesterday.  (Phil Star)

This other line is a lot more conservative - “Poe and Escudero on Tuesday said that they have had no formal talks with the NPC.” (Inquirer)

Truly, a conservative stance. But that doesn’t stop there. “She is also discussing the possibility of running for higher office with Escudero” - Inquirer.

Earlier on, she was quoted as having said, she was in the process of drawing up a platform of government.

Need anyone guess further? With those lines, strong predictions may now be made. Guys, mine is, Poe goes. making the field, three (3) with Binay and Roxas already in.

Voila! Read this latest standpoint, today’s, “The team of Senators Grace Poe and Francis “Chiz” Escudero has started forming a united senatorial ticket for next year’s polls, tapping key figures from major political parties in the country.

A reliable source said at least eight names are being eyed to form the Poe-Escudero senatorial team. They include Las Piñas City Rep. Mark Villar, Valenzuela City Rep. Win Gatchalian, Taguig Rep. Lino Cayetano, House Independent Bloc Leader and Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez”

What there is left to seduce?

But hold your hold your horse. There could still be three (3) more? Probability is not remote. Some stories keep coming is, Digong Duterte has not shut down his doors for a shot of the presidency. That makes four (4).

Enter the dragon —  “Former Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson Sr. is still weighing his options as to whether or not he’ll run again for the for the presidency” - Manila Bulletin.

While still weighing options, chances of his running is strong, for he had quipped, “I am counting numbers.” See the point? Very clearly, at least to me, if indeed the playing field bulges, Lacson swings in, raising the numbers to five (5).

An added question still. Will there be a 6th?

Hold still. There is yet Bongbong Marcos.

Now, that is a puzzler .It could be a lot more far-fetched . What with Grace already in the race. I am not imputing any malice in anything, ’cause none is intended. Premised on the possibility of the long-drawn rumor that even both Bongbong and Grace are reported to be allegedly addressing each other “brod” and ’sis” or something to that effect; there could be no collision. See? But like Lacson, when the numbers game creeps in, whoever  can tell?

* * * *

Let me share with you a very intelligent wisecracker of a comment by noted writer, Bobit S. Avila - “As for  P-Noy, let me say it loud and clear that his plan to personally campaign for Sec. Mar Roxas is a sign of lack of delicadeza. If indeed the Filipino people want Mar Roxas to be President of this nation, let him win on his own accord. If the President campaigns for him, he would be using the vast powers of Malacañang to the disadvantage of the others who would also be running for President. So again we ask… is delicadeza being practiced by the people espousing the Straight Path?”

Hmmm … that reminds me of the Mar Roxas “zarzuela.” Drama it appeared. While the Mar resignation hasn’t even heated up, the rejection of the same came hand in in hand in the morning of the evening it was submitted. Time frame is suspect. Two (2) points on that. My view is now heavily punctuated. Read VP Binay’s quote recently in the Inquirer - “Just theatrics. That’s what Vice President  Jejomar Binay thinks of Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Mar Roxas’ recent “resignation” from the Cabinet, noting that President Benigno S. Aquino III can always veto such move.”

Second point. That shores up Bobit Avila’ remarks on delicadeza in the  supposed espousal of  Tuwid na daan.

* * * *

In both congressional houses, after plenary sessions, it will be voting time soon on the BBL. This thus, makes me twit a little after the lower house had passed its controversial version of the BBL on the committee level, and re-print my earlier commentary - “Plain and easy, the BBL, admittedly is shot full of unconstitutional provisions. How else then can anyone dispute that? And how in conscience can Philippine leaders, led by our very own elected president attempt to ram down our throats this BBL?

Therefore, this I plead. Honorable members, when you cast your vote on the BBL as Pnoy-endorsed, please do not vote along party lines. Kindly go by your conscience to make sure the BBL will have a legal leg with which to stand on in any court of law.

And when that you do, you will not only be true to the duties and responsibilities by which you swore to an oath under the constitution of the Philippine Republic; you will also help stop giving the rebels false hopes, which is what would possibly drive them back to the hills.

Be true to both us them, give only what is allowed by law. No more, no less.

To the world, without rocking and rolling, please help share/spread. Thank you, magsukul, salamat, gracias.