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Wednesday, 26 August 2015 11:40

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Local jail authorities and personnel truly deserve kudos, even promotion to the next higher rank, if possible. Sometime ago, they had foiled the entry of hand guns into the detention facility in what was perceived as a prelude to a planned mass jailbreak by detained Abu Sayyaf members. Now again, that feat was recently replicated -

“PERSONNEL of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) have thwarted an attempt to smuggle a kitchen knife to a detained suspected Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) member at a local detention facility.” (Sun-Star)

So very clearly, our jail custodians are  exceptionally watchful in pursuit of their calling. Jail Warden Julius Arro so richly deserves the highest of accolades. I salute you, Chief, who, according to my source within the office has recently been promoted to the rank of J/Superintendent

And if I remember correctly, Warden Arro, due to the city’s jail population of over 1,000 wards, qualified for post by a hair’s breadth. For accordingly, the warden portfolio is to be handled by an officer with a higher rank. And that Arro merely made it on technicalities, in that the male inmates and detainees tallied a little less than a thousand, and the rest are females.

* * * *

Previous to her most recent moves and pronouncements, in fairness, Sen. Grace Poe, the supposed neophyte politician, appears smarter than how she is perceptively described. Then holding her cards close to her chest was a clever act of heaping in public interest. It was nary a bit of a hele-hele play. Read over well:

“Senator Grace Poe has yet to declare whether she will run in the 2016 elections but the first-termer on Wednesday said that she was already preparing a platform of government in case she decides to seek higher post.” (GMA News Online) A real good move. Descriptively, she is getting public attention by trickling out salivating teasers. Not sure of running, says she, yet preparing a platform of government. And yesterday was reported on a visit here. Whew ..! Tantalizing.

One other noted act. She has turned combative. Watch out, fellows. Recently she came out with scathing words critizing mudslingings, then surfacing a domesticated lady, being quoted as saying:

“The senator said she was saddened specifically with reports in tabloid newspapers that she is a drunkard, went to rehabilitation, and was an abusive employer.” Sorry, lost track of source.

Another witty move. Act pa more.

* * * *

One more petty piece of legislation, rendering further woes to the lowly masa, who rely solely on motorcycles as a cheap means of transportation. First the ineffectual “Helmet” law. Now comes “No-child tandem riding” law. - “Children are now barred from riding  motorcycles along national and provincial highways. President Aquino has signed into law Republic Act 10666, the Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act of 2015.”

In both legislations, I see vey little logic. On the “Helmet“ law. Non-wearing of helmet is not a sure-fire detriment to injuries and death. What injures and kills are over-speeding and carelessness. Even when one is using helmet, if he over-speeds and is careless, he will still be injured and killed. Furthermore, in crowded places, how would one believe a rider would run at a speed of 80 to 100 mph. Ergo, use of helmet is no detriment to injuries and deaths. Slow-driving and carefulness are. What the need for the helmet law, for in addition to stated reasons, a rider would have to uselessly shell out extra hundred of pesos  to buy a helmet.

On the “No-child tandem riding” law. When a rider takes a child for a passenger, normally the child is a son, a very close relative or one dear to his/her heart. Things considered, would one believe, the rider will over-speed and throw caution to the wind. Meaning, hardly ever would taking a child be risky.

Most important of all, such law will necessarily bring more miseries to the poor who simply rely on motorcycles when commuting. Both laws are prohibitive.

And both laws should be dumped.

* * * *

Recently, the local chapter of NASECOR, a group centered on electric cooperatives for reforms, led an anti- ZAMCELCO demo in front of its office/compound. While it was such a pity, only a handful, per news reports, joined, very likely the media coverage it mustered must have given it an added push. According, however, to Unity Love aka El Tigre de Pasonanca, who monitored the event, nothing came out of it. In any case, suffering Zamboangueños should be grateful for the effort. While, personally feeing the move was ill-prepared, I admire their concern.

On the sides I say, truth is I do not really believe GM George Ledesma is entirely to blame for the on and off power fiasco. Ledesma, to me, simply inherited the woes of Zamcelco from previous administrators. My only advice to him though is, do not be tactless in dealing with counterparts in other departments, such as the city council, as well as with the media. Arrogance should be set aside, for as based on the GM’s formal reply to the  city as read over the radio, I find it to be as one that comes from a lecturer.

In the same breath, accept criticisms from the fuming public as a medium for correcting mistakes. According to mediaman Nonie Dondoyano, during aired interviews, instead of answering the complaints, the GM dismisses criticisms allegedly by austerely saying pointblank and I quote, “They should not go to the media. Tell them to go see me.”, which in effect that was what the rallyists did recently. If they were heard, is entirely beyond me.

My two-cents worth of words view. To me, at least, the leaders of the demonstrators should have been allowed entry for a dialogue.

* * * *

Suspended Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr. has questioned the transfer of the probe on the libel complaint he filed against Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV from the Makati City prosecutor’s office to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Impartiality, per petitioner’s justification?

“The CA is the proper forum where Senator Trillanes should present evidence to support his allegation of bribery against sitting justices,” Rico Quicho, Binay’s spokesman for political affairs, said in a statement.”