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Thursday, 27 August 2015 13:04

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Hmmm … so, the political field in Zambo, as it appears now, is getting to be interesting,  which is why my first item here today is local. Read on, “Amid calls by Congressman Celso Lobregat to maintain party unity for the 2016 national and local elections, Zamboanga Mayor (Beng Climaco) has stood by her earlier decision to run for re-election in next year’s polls.

“I really want that we run together but we cannot both run for the same position,” said Climaco during her regular press briefing yesterday at City Hall.”

To me, while her statement looks coated with a safety trimming of unity;, but reading between the lines it could also be laced with a warning sign. A sign that reads — collision. Repeat, “ … we cannot both run for the same position”

The message of the safely-coated trimming is — the two of them “cannot both run for the same position.” under the same party or the 2013 coalition; so, one has to backtrack on the mayorship.

Logically, then the danger sign of such a laced phrase is, if no one backtracks, they part ways and fight it out for the same position.

In any which way, so they, that could be the only path for the two. Collision.

Reason: It’s Celso who Beng wants to backtrack, as she had so frankly told Cong. Celso, “In yesteday’s press briefing, Climaco said that she told Lobregat about her intention to run for re-election twice over the past months.”

And despite that declaration,  the moves of the latter are clearly viewed to still be for the mayorship.

And from all indications, if the collision does not materialize, it is Climaco who will back off; not Lobregat, I bet my last centavo.

* * * *

Coincidental or intentional?

When it was headlined the other day that Sen. Grace Poe was to visit this city, as indeed she did, in the process outlining her activities, one of which was prominently cited to be a visit to the IDPs of Masepla, Mampang, almost alongside the banner story was this writeup, “Zamboanga City Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar is urging groups and politicians not to use the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s), especially those staying in Masepla, Mampang, only for photo opportunity.

Climaco said in a press conference, “Si bene aki, dale ayuda kanatun, hinde anda lang letrata na Masepla y laba mano de alcohol. I told the City Social Welfare Development Officer Ma. Socoro Rojas that we must ensure that they do not take advantage of our IDP’s just to take photo ops, specifically with the vulnerable children.”

Coincidental or intentional? Timing seems suspect, hugh?

* * * *

Here’s hoping, the substitute BBL bill of Sen. Bongbong has addressed this proceeding matter,

For if not, how can government ever please our Muslim brothers, Christians as well. This was reported in the Zamboanga Times, as written by a respected leader belonging the Sultanate of Sulu, whose name I overlooked to copy-paste here, “In the Comprehensive Agreement (CAB) signed on 27 March, 2014, between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP), the territories of the Sultanate of Sulu were included under the jurisdiction of the Bangsamoro entity. This Agreement is in gross violation of the human right of the Bangsa-Sug of Sulu Sultanate, because the Bangsamoro has no historical and legal basis to take possession of the homeland of the Tausug, Yakan, Sama, Sama Bangingih, Sama-Mapun, Mulbog, Kalibungan, Subaanon, Sama Dilaut (Badjao) and native inhabitants of North Borneo (Sabah).

* * * *

This could yet be a typical reality of a case where damage has been done, that no amount of repair can cure. Only yesterday insisting that the balikbayan boxes should be opened and items subjected to taxes, he had today sounded a different  tune. Pero, sorry ka na lang. The move is hardsell“Despite  President Aquino’s directive stopping the random physical inspection of balikbayan boxes, a coalition of overseas Filipino worker (OFW) groups and advocates vowed to remain vigilant over government policies and programs that directly affect the welfare and rights of Filipino migrant workers.”

To this, I am tempted to quip, owwz? “A day after stopping the Bureau of Customs (BOC) plan, Malacañang assured that there was “no politics” behind President Aquino’s decision, dispelling allegations that the Chief Executive changed his mind on the issue supposedly for fear of a backlash on the administration candidates in the 2016 elections.” (MB)

* * * *

This subject has long been raised. Still, the administration remains seemingly unperturbed, as Bagong Alyansa Makabayan (Bayan) continued its disparagement as it renewed its charges yesterday that the Aquino administration is using government resources and people’s money to prop up its chosen presidential candidate, Secretary Mar Roxas. This came about in the face of events where President Aquino and several Cabinet members supposedly displayed a show of force for Roxas in Cebu City.

But look at the callousness of these people, “Presidential Communications Secretary  Herminio Coloma Jr. said there was nothing irregular in their trip as they were just doing their job.”

Show of force for a candidate, part of their job? What impudence.

* * * *

There’s a reported shift and  reversals in the supposed surveys for presidentiables. Shift, in that a new  name has surfaced, Bongong Marcos’, as he is now in the circle. Reversals, as Binay is said to be back on top, with Roxas on 2nd, and Poeo sliding to third. Seen to have ambitioned for the presidency due to high survey results, will the prevailing results, will she still go on or backtrack?

Duterte still in the race as reported, but what exactly is his aim, when today again he was quoted as saying, “I don’t intend to run in 2016” (MT)

Playing possum or drumming up public interest?

Bongbong, too, is a man to watch. While it was only today that he was mentioned to be definitely aspiring for a higher position, from nowhere he got into the survey as a player. The story, “Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said he will no longer seek reelection as senator in 2016.

The son and namesake of the former president in an interview with Bombo Radyo on Monday night said he has been consulting “friends” about his plans to run for either President or Vice President in next year’s national elections.

Marcos, whose term expires next year, is allowed under the law to seek another term in the Senate. He placed 7th in the 2007 senatorial elections.”(MT)

* * * *

Quotes from the Martial Law era Information Minister, Kit Tatad, which I hope I would get clarity one of these days, “After all the undisputed arguments have shown that Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares is constitutionally disqualified to sit in Congress or seek the presidency or the vice-presidency, any decent society or political party would have sadly but promptly declared her “political demise.”

On the other hand, a Bombo Rayo commentator, surnamed David, who filed a separate petition for Poe’s disqualification in the SET, maintained, “. . . the last time Poe used an American passport was in December 2009. But then, supposedly, she is already a Filipino citizen in 2006… Why is she using an American passport up to 2009?” David said, alleging that Poe secured a Philippine passport only in 2014.

So these are material manifestations of whether you are legally a Filipino citizen because we are still of the position that up to this time… she is stateless,” he added. (PS)

Using Shakespeare’s quote on the fate of Poe on her presidential bid, “To be or not to be. That is the question.”