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Saturday, 29 August 2015 12:01

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Today, for lost time, I am skipping the manner by which I quote direct from news sources their exact words to be precise. For at where I encode my articles, we have lost our internet access for sometime now. So, I do an hour or so of surfing in a neighborhood internet café before moving to where I am now for the encoding. This is resort to in move to save some on surfing fees. After writing, I go back to the café to send my write-ups. So, payment for writing time is avoided.  Very unluckily today though, the USB to where I store my research work was corrupted upon its insertion into the CPU port. Thus, the file for use now is lost.

* * * *

The head-on collision between incumbent Mayor and 1st Dist Congressman looms clearer and clearer, hotter and hotter.

I did not really hear this item straight from the horse’s mouth, as it was only relayed to me  by a reliable friend named Kim Soo, aka Cianing. Dependable as he is, I believe him. Accordingly, in an interview over a radio station, Cong. Celso Lobregat was asked in this manner, Mayor Beng addresses you as “kuya”, meaning elder brother; and she had so explicitly told you that she desires to retain her seat as Mayor and for the congressman to remain in congress. Cong. Celso, my unfailing friend continued, answered in this manner, as she calls me “kuya” I am then an elder brother; which means, I am to be obeyed.

So there. While Cong. Celso has yet to declare it, but as people say, actions speak louder than words. Celso is gunning for a return to the mayoralty post.

If kid sister defies “Kuya”, the collision is inevitable, unless little sis backpedals. And that could be a good question. Will she?

And again I aver, I bet my bottom peso. Celso never will. Back off, that’s what.

* * * *

Feisty opinion columnist Hector Villanueva hit the nail right on the head., when he said, President Aquino is now a lame duck president.

This came about when Tingting Cojuangco, wife of a PNoy uncle, joined a group of influential people that include a prelate, a lawyer, a congress representative, a columnist, name it, andyou have it, in initiating impeachment and criminal charges against the president and several other government functionaries, who as I remember, include, the Ombudsman Chief herself , Budget Secretary Butch Abad, Senate President  Franklin Drilon, some eight or so other senators having allegedly receive some P50 million  each of  PDAF or was it DAF moolah to vote for the impeachment of then Justice Secretary Renato Corona.

Villanueva contended, now that the both PDAF and DAF have been scrapped, PNoy has lost the goose that lays the golden eggs, and cannot, allegedly bribe off some people now, allowing for the label, a lame duck president.

And as one could very well see, his problems are compounding.

* * * *

As of writing, no telling yet on how the No-Remittance Day of OFW’s is faring. Based, however, on earlier reports and statements of leaders of the Filipino migrant workers, their members had given their nod.

And it’s worth repeating these speculations yesterday. The consequences as related by Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, will to redound government loss of some P3.1 billion when Filipino Overseas Workers mount a “Zero-Remittance Day (ZRD) as a sign of protest to the bullish crack of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to tax contents of balikbayan boxes personally taken here or sent by freight..

At least 1.6 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are expected to join the remittance holiday.

And if the remittance-less day succeeds as planned, imagine the visualized miseries a one-day remittance embargo could transform into deficiencies of more than US$67 million, or some P3.1 billion in one day. All these would have been spent for the basic needs of OFWs kin in the country, such as home provisions, clothes, housing and such stuff.”

And all that our government did was to downplay the threat, with nary a bit of effort to negotiate with migrant leaders in an attempt to try and stop it.

* * * *

For the simple of absenteeism in the lower house, the BBL and such other needed bills are in a state of stagnancy. Nothing moves. Seems like Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, too, is in a similar disarray.

Speaker Belmonte claims, the situation can be rectified by simple text invitations. Hohum . . . Heard that line repeatedly in the most recent days. Were there quorums? No!

In the Senate, though truly lesser in composition, the state of affairs is entirely diverse. Quorum is hardly a dilemma. As a matter of fact, plenary discussions is in high gear. This is noted, particularly in proceedings of the  BLBAR, the substitute BBL of Sen. Bongbong Marcos. Right after, his sponsorship speech, save for a few, several senators immediately offered their desire to interpolate.

On 1st day alone, a couple of senators, took turns in intensively interpolating Marcos, They were Pia Cayetano, Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, Teofisto Guingona III and Ralph G. Recto.

Braving the tempest, Marcos stood his ground and exuded mastery of his proposal.

And the wisdom-filled Johnny Enrile, a balikbayan senator, braving illness and age, signified intention to be the last interpolator. Hopefully, his reserved participation will be the icing on the cake.

* * *  *

In yet another forum, Marcos expressed that his BLBAR will in the end be accepted by the MILF, saying even that he foresees the latter will not resort to war.