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Sunday, 30 August 2015 14:14



Los Angeles, CA. — The alarm has been sounded. It’s all hands on deck. The captain has howled. The guns are in place and ready to fire at will at the captain’s command. The approaching bandit ship has been forewarned to stop and withdraw or be sunk.

Mayor Ma. Isabelle G. Climaco-Salazar has declared “war” on her long-time “big brother” who was in a way responsible for giving her city hall in a golden platter. At the time, she was perceived to be the only one capable of defeating an indomitable politician (in someone’s words) from the northern kingdom of Dapitan. This was like an episode in “The game of thrones” that the “King’s Landing” (Zamboanga city) is the exclusive preserve of only two clans. But the king of the north was born and raised in Zamboanga City that qualifies him to be an heir to the throne, too.

However, the Supreme Court stopped the invading forces from landing on our shores by disqualifying Romy Jalosjos, a relative, from seeking public office perpetually. The threat was gone, like a bombastic fart. But still, the once prince (Erbie Fabian) couldn’t be the choice of the king-maker (Rep. Celso L. Lobregat). It had to be a Climaco (Ma. Isabelle), for after all, she belonged (and still is) to the vaunted, moneyed ruling Liberal Party (LP).

And so it was that a Climaco trounced a Fabian in 2013. It shouldn’t have been that way, because if there was anybody who could protect the interests of Mr. Lobregat while on hiatus from city hall, it is Mr. Fabian. And Mr. Fabian would not renege on a promise to vacate city hall after three years.

The 2013 scenario prevented another Climaco, the son of the great Cesar C. Climaco, from becoming a congressman because a mighty Lobregat was standing in his way. It also killed the ambition of a well-loved ex-priest from becoming a public servant instead of a servant-leader.

For Mrs. Climaco-Salazar, there is no debt to be paid. She won convincingly. But how she managed a 9-1 margin of victory over Mr. Fabian still puzzles me. She wasn’t expected to win that big against a Titan. Anyway, let by-gones be by-gones. “Beng”, as she likes to be called and “Erbie”, as he is fondly called, remain friends. There was a time when Erbie would serenade Beng during campaigns. If they run together, that’s double-trouble for the opposition.

With Beng’s innuendoes in running for reelection, she has become automatically estranged from Mr. Lobregat and his allies. She said with a straight face that Mr. Lobregat is best positioned in congress and that she is better situated in city hall. That was a declaration of intent that will lead to a political battle between two remaining Titans. As I see it, the lady has a nose’s edge for now.

I was told that there have been two surveys done last month. The results were staggering, very unbelievable. I won’t tell you the results. Ask around, na lang.

As I wrote the other day, voters must get rid of narcissistic leaders. This is what Andrew Dubrin, author of “Narcissism in the Workplace”, has to say about narcissistic leaders:

1. They have a very high need for attention and admiration.

2.  They look at themselves with undue favor, self-love, conceit, pride and vanity.

3.  They lack empathy for others, since they are so preoccupied with themselves.

4.  They may act immaturely (for example, use inappropriate humor or gestures) to draw attention.

5.  They may act in grandiose or exhibitionistic ways.

6.  They like being the center of attention.

7.  They don’t think anyone has the right to criticize them and they complain about criticism (that they are being picked on).

8.  if they fail at something, they blame others.

9.  They don’t take most rules seriously because they make their own rules.

10. They may interrupt others and hog conversations.

11. Finally, they believe that if they ruled the world, it would be a much better place.

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