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Sunday, 30 August 2015 14:15

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

My oh my, how red my face is. Had some free time yesterday and browsed over my work that day. To my dismay, I noticed some dreadful grammar mistakes in them, pardon me. But I sure do hope my editor had time to browse over them and rectified the errors. Hopefully further, on those previous days of writing there were no such things. In any case, here are the noticed blunders.

1. This is resort to in move to save some on surfing fees. The italized  bold word should have read resorted

2. head-on collision … is looms clearer and clearer, hotter and hotter. The italized  bold phrase should have been minus the word “is”.

3. his problems are compounding. Correct me if I am wrong. While the word “problems” is in the plural form, the same addresses the word “compounding”, which definitely takes the singular form.

4. redound government loss. I missed the preposition “to” in between redound and government.

5. as home provisions. This may be minimal, but I missed the comma mark between words “home provisions.”

6. For the simple of absenteeism. I missed the word “reason” before “of”. And I could even have merely said, “For simple absenteeism …”

7. I typed No. 7 ahead of this line for I thought in my haste yesterday, I committed some more shame on my part. Glad I noticed nothing more.

Repeat. Wishfully, my editor had the time to go over my contribution and introduced the necessary alterations yesterday, as well as in all previous articles.

In whichever case, my lapses. I’m sorry. (I did some corrections, I cannot remember if I missed other errors. — Editor)

* * * * *

It happened. And accordingly, it was a success. I am referring to the One-day No Remittance by Filipino migrant workers.

Maybe realizing and reeling from the resultant consequences thereof, as a result of its frailties, the Aquino administration remains mum on the matter. No word on the OFW instigated move was heard from the government.

The effects, when OFWs did not remit money to their families in the Philippines, was an estimated P3.1 billion loss. Such gargantuan figures were jointly cited by Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero and an unnamed economist. The No-Remittance Day was launched in protest to the Aquino dispensation’s imposing additional taxes on  items in balikbayan boxes that are sent to relatives in the country,  The remonstration act was also aimed at the premeditated random physical inspection of balikbayan boxes where several claims of pilferages were reported.

That’s what we get for government inaction on the much ballyhooed No Remittance Day. Loss of whopping money, which would have otherwise been spent for the basic needs of OFW kin in the country, such as shelter, provisions, clothes, and such other stuff.

And from the costly downplaying stance, now it’s lips-sealing. Not a whimper heard from Malacañang.

* * * * *

Got wind of this only today. At the ready pleasure of Malacañang, the president has ready funds of P500 million intelligence and confidential funds and P2 billion Presidential Social Fund. This surfaced when Valenzuela City Rep. Win Gatchalian, vice chairman of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development,  issued a public call for Malacañang to make a transparent accounting of the billions at the president’s pleasure to spend that are taxpayers’ money.

Gatchalian stated, “How Malacañang uses the P500-million intelligence and confidential funds and P2-billion Presidential Social Fund will be placed under a heavy shroud of doubt unless Malacañang pledges to make them more transparent.”

He added, “With the presidential elections less than a year away, transparency is important to douse suspicions that the PSF will be used for the campaign of the administration candidates.”

* * * * *

I really do hope, this is true, “The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has assured the public of credible results in the May 2016 polls.

“The bottom line is that it is what we want to be sure: The integrity of the counting process of the machines,” Commissioner Christian Robert Lim, chairman of the Comelec – Steering Committee for the May 2016 elections, said in a press briefing yesterday.

He said this is the reason why they tapped the US-based firm, SLI Global Solutions to do the source code review of the automated election system, the contract signing of which was held yesterday.

The deal costs $766,000 or approximately P35 million.

The source code is the human readable instructions that dictate what the automated election system will do.”(MB)

After experiencing the harrowing 2013 polls, I can only sit back and keep my fingers crossed, hoping to God for truth and reality.

* * * * *

The long-drawn citizenship issue against Sen. Grace must immediately be resolved. We are getting confused. If we are to believe Ex-Informatikon Minister Kit Tatad, the matter is a foregone conclusion, averring that all allegations branding her as non-Filipino, is incontrovertible. The public deserve an immediate answer, in view of the simmering speculations, pros and cons.

Listening to detractors, Poe is allegedly even stateless. And listening to Poe’s camp, she is Filipino. Get a load of this when the investigating body subpoenaed for her birth and records.  From Poe’s camp, “ … chief of staff Nelson Victorino said that “certified true copies of all pertinent documents from the NSO and BI relative to said matters covered by the subpoena will all be submitted to the SET as attachments to Senator Poe’s answer to serve as pieces of evidence that will prove that Senator Poe is a natural born Filipino citizen.”

“She has complied with all other constitutional requirements to become and remain a duly elected senator of the country and that therefore Mr. David’s petition has no legal basis and must be dismissed,” Victorino said.

Poe stated she re-acquired Filipino citizenship in 2005, a year after she decided to finally settle in the Philippines shortly after her father’s death in 2004. (PS)

* * * * *

A very interesting bit of event transpired the other day. Actually it was a simple blood-letting day in Labuan, yes. But the activity was highlighted by an attention-grabbing turn.

Of the so many residents in this city, guess who was one of the donors — a high-ranking local police officer.

Dear friends, people of all people, he was Police Senior Superintendent Angelito Casimiro, the City Director..

The blood-letting activity was a combined initiative of the ZAEC High School Class of 1976, ZCPO-Labuan Police Station, the Labuan Barangay Council, and the Red Cross. Moving spirit of of move is Ramon O. Quin

* * * * *

Take it from Ramon “Mongueh” M. Gan. Not from Harry Belafonte and/or Andrew E, who both say, “If you want to happy for the rest of your life, don’t make a pretty woman your wife. Go for my personal point of view, get an ugly to marry you.”

Mongueh says, get a deaf-mute for a wife. Reason. When deaf-mute nags, you will hear only sounds, no hurting words.