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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 10:54


BY Sarita Sebastian

The follow up line normally is.. who is the fairest of us all. But I’m not using it. My follow up line is ... who is the best of them all.

Political Fever is now on the highest level of intensity in our beloved Zamboanga City. Qualified voters will have to choose next year their best bets from congressman to councilors.

Oh yes, definitely I’ve got my choices. But I’m not sure whether my faves are interested in politics, but how I wish they are. As these are the kind of people taxpayers would love to see in the City Council. Someone who is resolute, firm, intelligent. HENDE PLASTIC and most of all decent and pro-people.

My Wishful thinking to see  in the city council are the likes of Rotary Past District Governor James Makasiar, Rotary District Governor Oliver Ong, The famous Dr. Anton Lim, Atty Emilio Aquino, Cholo Soliven, Danny Lim, Mary June Bugante, Brenda Nazareth Manzano,Tess Sebastian and Maureen Bello. Good Gracious, if these people will land in the city council, Zamboanga City will be on its best as far as local legislative matters are concerned. We do have some incumbent local who are sensible and cool and you know who they are.

As far as the other positions are concerned, I’m still thinking about it.The mirror is not enough to give me the answers. But I’m gonna spill the beans in time, no worries!

* * * *

Some  wannabe councillors are trying their best to project a good image, to be included in the final list of candidates for the 2016 elections. Unfortunately I know of one, a colleague in the local government who used to lambast some of our beloved officials, y ahora,sus madre mia, dol perito lang si ta menya..yikes... momo lang se knows. lol! If only you heard how much this horse shit insulted some of our elected and career officials... the political party  big wigs might change their minds in getting him. But oh well, as what my dear papa Charlie usually say, “Sarita....in politics..there is no permanent friends or enemies” Oh that sucks!.

* * * *

Tiene tamen ingrato, después de todo, ta vira lang cara derepente con el quien ya ase kanila hente. tsk tsk tsk...Que clase de custumbre tiene. I guess we can’t blame some people as it always boils down to the values instilled in them during their growing up years. In the nursing parlance, growth and development is very important. I remember my Clinical Instructress( when i was in Nursing School ) teling us in class that the crucial age to build a person’s foundation is from 0-7 years old. If within the said age there was a vacuum built , It can make or break you as a person.The negative effect may manifest anytime.Sigh!

* * * *

Yes, I’m definitely back in writing.How I’ve missed writing my column. It’s been thousands of years since I last submitted my article for my column CHINITA.I miss my real world ...The media. Well I guess I will not be violating any rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission for as long as I don’t escape from the office to write this column. Thanks to modern technology as I can prepare my articles even when I’m inside the bat cave, if you know what i mean..Jolly bean! — for your comments and suggestions,email me at sebastian.sarita@gmail.com