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Thursday, 03 September 2015 10:49


BY Sarita Sebastian

Received lots of emails as a result of my come back Chinita column. Thanks to all. I never thought you’d still have time to read the newspaper, lol, because most people would rather read news or “chismis” online.. Oh yeah, it’s true. Even my angels... we hardly talk as they are always glued to their laptop. My solution... I switch off the WIFI unit...simple... Then they’d looked at me and we talk. Mission accomplished.

“You’re back Sarita,” says one friend through email. Good gracious, I have never been gone. Why? Did you hear my name in the public service portion of any radio or TV program? I guess NO. I was just pre-occupied with a lot of matters from personal,t o personal,to PERSONAL, that I had to deal with it squarely. Nonetheless, that does not mean I was gone.

“You’ve risen Sarita,” says the other through text message. Oh yeah right, I said. But I am not JC ha. Oh, if you are religious as you always claim, then you know who JC is. Funny as it may seem, but truly, I’m touched..not by an angel.. lol...but by the gestures of some friends or just plain readers. Just excuse my thoughts sometimes ,as Iclearly verbalize the way i want it to be. In short, I may spit fire on YOU , and I dont freaking care, whoever you maybe. Just PRAY that I will run out of kerosene or diesel, then I won’t have the reason to spit fire. But chances are slim. We always experience brown outs in here, so I will always have the ammunition to spit fire. Oh yeah..the little dragon in me! lol!

* * * *

Some people hate my guts. Some do love it .Honestly? I couldn’t care less anymore ,for as long, as Iknow that what I’m doing is right. I am entitled to my own opinion. We should never be afraid to express our thoughts. We live in a democratic society, and for as long we see things that is not good for the people or for our city or for our country as a whole, then with all due respect, let it out baby.

We do not live in a martial law era, f.....k that shit days! This is the 21st century moment. Life is good baby. We always have our choice.To make sip sip, to kiss somebody’s  ass, to rob from the coffers of the government, to engage in character assassination, to maneuver results, be it administratively or in an election...the choice is yours Darling.

But, at the end of the day, a simple question will haunt you, even if you’ve got that thick and black conscience ...”ARE YOU HAPPY?” Knowing that you’ve hurt other people without giving them the chance to speak out. Don’t you need PROZAC to treat your chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced ? Oh gosh, you may consider combining it with OLANZAPINE they said it can be successful....but best is for you to consult a professional psychiatrist,nothing bad to seek one .

* * * *

Did I rock your world? I’m sorry, coz Iove rock and roll. You can join my beat or shut me off if you wish to, but mind you, this is the best time to start our rock and roll mood as we do in the City Tourism Office, maskin nuay pa AC unit!  We are mandated to promote/market our tourism potentials be it in the cultural/historical,culinary, farm and eco tourism aspects. We are to handle tourism regulation and tourism developments.

Thanks to our beloved Mayor Beng Climaco who has approved our plans and programs in terms of our marketing and promotions campaign. We are engaging head-on by way of direct participation in tourism related exhibits.

Last August, my beautiful staff Giselle Machutes and our Derek Ramsey look-alike( seriously tan smile lang  ele...Reng numas man kitik. Hmmmpp )  Julius Marinay participated during the Kadayawan Festival in Davao Duterte City.They were able to showcase our tourism potentials, most especially the HERMOSA FESTIVAL 2015. Nuay sila man pasguate...ya trabaja gayod mucho si Gee and Negro! Ttenchu!

My other staff Sis Chula Bucoy Kong is now in Dipolog City together with Negro (Jetsetter si Julius.ay imbia ya tamen sila) attending the Mindanao Business Conference as a Destination Exhibitor.Yes, they will promote our beloved Zamboanga City and its products.when you say products please bear in mind...hende lang sardinas o bien biscocho. In the tourism parlance, products can be a place, services or events...BOW... kay tiene bien sabiondo y sabionda,tampa sabe!

Philippine Travel Mart Sept 4-6,2015 ,SMX Convention Center,will be another event to rock with. But of course we wont be having our PAVILION y HENDE mas quita dale LAFANG, numas kumigo pregunta why ... Why Delilah. Anyhow, we will still have our lovely booth. We make do of what is given to us and we will prove to you even if it’s not a PAVILION we can still show case our beautiful Zamboanga through, sites, sounds and colors..and truly you can say I LOVE ZAMBOANGA! Thanks baby...! Intriga sila si kien si a leg!

P.S: Im gonna share more  with you soon regarding our work in the city tourism office. We are located at Paseo del Mar(before the main gate ) and our Telephone No. is 9923007. Nuay Fax machine, man email lang. lol! — For your comments/suggestions email me at