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Friday, 04 September 2015 13:57


BY Sarita Sebastian


I  am happy to note that somehow I put a smile on your face everytime you read my column, while some flinch..Oh oh! I guess this is one sane way to help our readers understand the activities of daily living...(very nursing ahh) in our city ,especially.

I believe each of us do have a role to play in our society , in our own special way. It doesnt matter what you do ( for as long as you do not violate laws ) or what our economic status in life is, still we are bound as citizen of this country to do our share.

One typical example is participating during election period (as a voter). If you choose candidates who only love to pose for pogi points, candidates who do not have anything in between his or her ears, candidates who are indecisive, candidates who prioritize their own vested interest, then darling, expect a man-made disaster and please, pretty please,  do not complain if they make it in public office, because after all, you made that FREAKING CHOICE!

Sad to note, most of our people are easily swayed by some thick face politicians.Un poko de beso y cuento,a bla el tagalog...Ayos na Tol,  without realizing that political candidate is nothing but a DEVIL inside. I warn you, gosh, you’ll gonna see them visibly in churches these days most especially near election time .How I wish they will turn into frogs should the holy water be sprinkled on them.We will see lots of “kokaks” in the city.

But don’t despair, it’s never late. We can still do something about it. I am hoping against hope that a group will be formed by responsible residents of this city and come up with strategies to reach out our voters for the latter to make a good choice during next year’s election. Candidate’s forum is never enough. A better scheme is needed to achieve the goal of guiding our voters in Zamboanga City.

Sorry if  I sound idealistic. For awhile, I thought it was not worth it, but then when I resurrected from the pits ( Lol ), I realize that Zamboanguenos must do something especially during election time. Because if we don’t, hay GOZA sila el riquezas del ciudad, directly or indirectly. Tiene gane,alipores lang pero ding ya omenta ya el condominium, worse, his father was the one proudly talking about it.Thanks to San Miguel BEvery easy for them! tsk tsk tsk

* * * * *

Yes , the title of today’s column is the latest marketing slogan of the city. You will see this slogan in the different marketing and promotions efforts of Zamboanga City. This was conceptualized at the City Mayor’s Office and echoed to us for consideration and compliance in our tourism related promo collaterals. Thanks to the very creative Zed Zabala for the visual concepts.

Starting today, some of the promo collaterals will be used at the Philippine Travel Mart in SMX Convention Center,Pasay City. As I’ve mentioned yesterday , Zamboanga City is one of the Destination Exhibitors.The event will run from Sept 4-6, 2015. If your family, relatives and friends are in Manila, please invite them  to visit our booth when they have time.

Yes, we will promote our upcoming Hermosa Festival 2015, which falls part of our cultural and historical tour menu. Also, we will promote our eco tour wherein our banner destination — the pink Sta. Cruz island —  is the focus along with our Merloquet falls. Our culinary tour menu will be marketed too. We all know that we are blessed with different cuisines in the city as influenced by different nations in the world... Gosh, I miss the paella of Country Chicken, Lengua Estofado of Palmeras, Seafoods Rice  and steamed crabs with sauce of Alavar’s Restaurant and authentic dinuguan in Vista del Mar in Upper Calarian, El blood pressure mareng.....lol....numas ulvida el medicina!

Those are the mentioned products that we are promoting starting today in the metropolis.Thanks to i-travel,  a local tour operator in the city , who finds time and effort to really promote and facilitate inbound tours with the help of our local tour guides headed by Tita Milabel Richter ( she speaks German, by the way ).

*  * * * *

All of the marketing and promotion efforts are part of the city tourism office’s mandate with the approval of Her Honor, the Mayor Beng Climaco. From our end, we prepare our proposals for every project that we need to implement with the inclusion of the proposed  budget. The mayor and the budget officer can discuss whether to lessen or increase the budget. At the end of the day,  We only implement programs approved by the chief executive.

So understandably, if you give me one peso to implement the tourism program of the city, I am going to give you an effort commensurate to the amount. Please darling pips, do not ask for an exposure in CNN or BBC. You know how much it will cost. But of course we get lucky sometimes as some of our friends in Manila assist us for free, but most of the time it’s always with a cost.

In the public relations parlance, you do not expect everything to be free. In Zamboanga City, for instance, we know for a fact that we have an image problem, if you want the said notion to be changed, then what do you do? We mobilize all corners of the world AT ALL COST.  But all this will depend on our city officials who have all the POWER to approve or disapprove proposals.

So from our end, we do the best that we can. We focus on our areas of concern. Let the rest focus on theirs too. If we synchronize, then good, if we do not , then there must be a problem  within the organization. — For your comments/suggestions email me at sebastian.sarita@gmail.com

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