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Friday, 04 September 2015 14:19


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Once there was a young man who wanted to feel handsome.  And the best way to look handsome, according to some  boys, is to drive a motorcycle.

“The faster you drive, the more handsome you become especially to the girls,” according again to these same kind of boys.Yes, the speed of the motorcycle is directly proportional to a man’s handsomeness.

The target girls to impress were not the mothers nor aunts nor grandmothers.  Oh no! These ladies do not think reckless boys handsome.They consider them show-offs and foolish.

But what of them? For as long as young pretty girls find them cool, that’s all that matters — even if in being “cool”, they scratch or damage the vehicles of their parents.

Parents can scold all they want, as long as they lend the motorcycle again, in the future,  it does not really matter.

The bottom line is being cool at the moment- to your friends and to the girls.  That’s all.

The name of the boy was Asry. He was fifteen years old and he wanted to look very handsome.

One night, he and his friends had a motorcycle bonding to impress some girls and provoke other boys. They sped in the streets, and whenever there were girls, they would press the accelerator harder and make so much noise.  They even took out the silencer so that nobody, especially the pretty girls, would miss the exhibition.

They drove like maniacs that night, thatAsry hit his speeding bike on an unyielding cemented fence.

He fell unconscious on the pavement and was rushed to the hospital. After the x-ray, the verdict of the orthopedics was to amputate his leg from the knee.

His parents were very devastated! Then, an optimistic aunt suggested that they get a second opinion, and this time from a renowned surgeon.

This renowned surgeon studied the case extra well, that  after careful observation and analysis, hehad a good news to tell.

“The leg need not be cut from the knee, but I can save much more,” said the distinguished man.  “What I will do, is to  just remove the foot from the ankle. I could still save the lower leg. You just have to buy an artificial foot, that would be better and cheaper” He  continued.

This was the good news which nobody rejoiced, for Asry was still going to be a cripple.

There are conditions, which even the most expert doctors could not repair.  The important thing is to be careful from the start because repentance comes last.

And by the way, I have not also heard anybody sing in praise of speeding motorcycle drivers.

This is a true story which is too sad to write about, but it has a valuable lesson.