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Friday, 04 September 2015 14:25

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol


During my college days, I was then an ambitious student leader, young and energetic, who was then eager to know the complexity of the world and willing to give a share to the problems of the day, in politics and the over all situation of the time. I placed myself in a situation of uncertainty, joining radical groups and considered an activist. Against the government, the institution and in some parts the family, that sent me to school.Then one day, a movie awakened my senses, entitled the “Man called Horse” acted by a British actor Richard Harris. It is a story of love, adventure, drama and status. Many of the youths are not now aware of this story, because of the difference of time, but, the story can be related  to a true to life story, which many hate to believe.

* * * *

The movie story is about the proud, warrior Indian Comanche tribe of the pioneering days of America, where Indians or red necks owned the vast lands of America. In the pioneering  days of the of Americans, offsprings of British Quakers, and who dominated and took control of America, wish to subjugate all Indian tribes, with superior arms and army and with an organized government, waged an armed campaign against all Indian tribes, they found on their way to colonize the heartland of America. One Indian tribe ferociously fought against the colonizers, the Comanche Indian Tribe, whose warriors, knew their terrain. One Comanche warrior in the movie, brave and agile, was the hero of the tribe and treated like a “demigod” for his prowess to repel all invaders and colonizers.As a reward the tribe bestowed upon him and his family, all the amenities of the tribe, respect and domestic assistance, given a special place in all their tribal gatherings that even his family members were accorded the same respect and privilege.

* * * *

But like a dream, it ended, when the warrior died in a battle against the colonizers and invaders, and when the tribe knew the fatal incident, all of them looted his tepee taking everything of value. His mother was left in cold, helpless and scavenging for food like a wolf and ultimately died in the cold winter of America. This beautiful story is a point to remember,because like nature’s season, it will happen again in another plot and another story.

* * * *

I know of someone, who was once powerful, commands respect from his peers, lived a glamorous life and with a contented family, is now left in the cold by those he served so well, during his prime of glory. His life is like the “Man cold Horse” because, not only his tribe denied him a reward for everything good he did but even his family, often times treated him like a stranger in his own home, except, perhaps his blood relatives, who gave him the will to go on. The Comanche character is still alive and to be free from this predicament with a heartless loved ones, my friend says, he is going home to where he belongs, because he says, it is useless to live in an environment of hatred. My friend in tears said, “I am a failure” and I told him, no, you are a success, you have a clean name and plenty of friends to comfort you, but, still he said. I am going back to where I started, where there is plenty of love and respect and never mind those who hate me, this is my life and I shall do what it takes to be happy. So sad, the Comanche warrior was not able to do what my friend will do, because, fate was not in his favor, his life ended to protect his tribe and family.

* * * *

A sad story indeed, how many in our midst live like the “Man called Horse”? perhaps, it is time to live your fate with God because He knows what is in your mind and heart. because God said “what does it profits a man to gain the whole world and his soul?” Indeed, live a life that God wanted it to be. Amen, to that.

*  * * *

Scoop: This is a sad story with a happy ending, like being given a glass of water in the middle of the desert. Agree or disagree

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