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Saturday, 05 September 2015 14:12



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge… a people without understanding will come to ruin…” (Hosea 4:6, 14, the Holy Bible).

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METRO DRINKING WATER, VANISHING! Maybe the 10 million or so of our countrymen from Metro Manila do not realize it yet, but they are facing a very real and grim danger of losing their drinking water supply in the days leading to Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016.

The fact is that, starting September 01, 2015, the Aquino government has already reduced the water allotted for the residents of the National Capital Region, from 41 cubic meters per second to 38 cubic meters per second. The bad news is that, this reduction of drinking water allocation for Metro Manilans would continue unabated between now and the elections in 2016.

The reason for this drastic move, according to Executive Director Sevillo David Jr. of the National Water Resources Board (NWRB), is the increasing dry spell cast by El Nino in the Philippines, which has prevented rains from coming to us. El Nino of course means an extended hot season, which translates into lack of water supply.

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GOV’T HAS NO SOLUTION TO WATER DEPLETION? The most unfortunate part of this problem is that our government, particularly its agencies which have something to do with potable water supply for our people, are absolutely clueless on what to do, even if they are awash with billions and billions of government money.

Yes, they are meeting and conferring with scientists not only from the Philippines and from the other parts of the world, and yes, they are trying to undertake projects either to generate rain or to find other water supply.

But then, it is clear that all of these governmental efforts are not enough in solving the problem, for clearly, the country’s water problem is getting worse instead of alleviating. It is clear that, even if the Aquino government had been allocating around P5 billion to P8 billion yearly for water projects, El Nino is just impossible to solve.

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EL NINO CAN BE SOLVED: Well, actually, El Nino is not impossible to solve, if only our leaders would know where to look for important solutions. The bigger part of this problem really lies in government leaders who are ignorant about other angles that they must look into, to find effective solutions.

What am I saying? The fact is, El Nino or the very dry spell that comes with it has a spiritual angle that must be addressed. We must understand that the Bible prophesied, in its Book of Curses, the coming of “scorching heat”, making the sky overheated and the ground hard as iron, because of lack of rain, on account of the people’s refusal to listen to God and unwillingness to obey His commands.

Consequently, if we are to solve El Nino, we must endeavor to also address (I say “also” because this should be in addition to whatever government is doing now) its spiritual angle, by launching an honest-to-goodness effort to bring back our people to reading the Bible all over again, and obeying what they read therein sincerely and truthfully. We should do this now, while there is time.

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