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Saturday, 05 September 2015 14:32



Got an email from a certain Paul of Mercedes asking me: “Sarita how can you gauge a good political candidate?” And here is my answer:


2.Truly God fearing, not just for show

3. Pro people

4. Firm

5. Not a TV soap drama actress or actor

6.  Leadership skills

7. Grasp of issues

8. Believes in communication

9. Someone who is not insecure

The above mentioned traits of a good politician can be very idealistic , but if one has got at least five or more of that then that politician can be a good choice.

What’s with “Tiriring” or “ring my bell”? Dios mio, can you imagine having such an elected official? Mama mia, abla el tagalog...ang hirap pare..pucha kailangan mo pang tanchahin kung may buwan o wala sa langit. Neither of us would want our leaders’ attitude to be dependent on the MOON.Simple way of saying..are you CRAZY man?ugghhh!

Why do I emphasize the word TRULY God-fearing? Because I’vs seen lots of them who are religious yet such a devil. Can you imagine one politician after hearing mass ya empesa ultraha conel su projimo despues ya cumbida toma cape..tsk..tsk...bueno ba se? I mean, What the heck. Can’t you wait for some few minutes for God’s words to at least enlighten your conscience if not dive into your conscience? Ay inay..abla mio prima si Tia Bibing Diones de Sto Nino barangay.

most of our political players used a lot without knowing the true meaning of it. Or sad to note maybe they are just that callous. Pro people means you think of the welfare not just of a single group but of everybody setting aside your vested interest.

Firm in making decision because you believe that is for the best of the city come hell or high water. You cannot be swayed by your sipsip alipores. One whisper from somebody in your group...BOOM...end of the world.

I do not watch local TV soap series because i just love Downton Abbey so much not to forget the blacklist and CSI.  But you cant avoid watching the ads of certain local TV soap..oh good gracious, I can associate some of our politicians with the roles of some actors and actresses. Bongga el projection.abla el mio amigo si Bai..uwat jud ang nawong uy! Murag dili ka buak ug plato na crystal. But unfortunately...many of them are!

Leadership skills are inherent to certain people. Lucky if you have that quality. It is never learned but it can be developed. It is something that comes out in you spontaneously. “It is the ability to make sound decisions and inspire others to perform WELL”. Moreover “it is a process which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal”...that is leadership . How i miss my good professor  in school when I was taking up my masters...the late Dr. Al Mendoza,  a guy who never get tired of guiding me even to his last breathe.

Grasp of issues. Oh yes, kay tiene lasangan lang. They do not understand the issues or maybe they just refuse to. But truly, when one is elected for public office, it is expected that you know what’s happening and you find ways and means to seek solution if it is a problem and not aggravate the whole thing. One does not need to be a genius, but simple understanding of what is truly happening is already a big deal ,because from there ,you will know how to confront it and not hide inside your room taking your freaking siesta, damn sleepy head!

It is very important to establish an open line of communication when you are in the public service.. kay quierre man gayod! You need to roll out or lay down your cards (not your eggs ) in matters of the organization’s or office’s goal,vision and mission. Your constituents ought to know what is there to be done and how you will do things along with your partners in the goverment. Within the organization or office, it is important that you establish consistent communication so your subordinates will understand  the work expectation. Giving positive feedback is very important. NOT CHEAP talk.

My my my....”leaders  who are insecure can be disastrous for everyone around us” says Lisa Petrilli in her book the Tragedy of insecurity in Leadership. Often as it may seem, insecurity can have a negative effect in the organization, worse if it’s the leader himself or herself. because not of his needs in his or her younger days were fulfilled, unconsciously, he or she will do negative actions along the line. Madre mia!

The above mentioned qualities are my personal thoughts of a good politician. Simple, but rock.

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Oh I’m not done with my wish list of my ideal political candidates...just be cool. Don’t be so hot  or atat ,okay baby? Lol... I’m sure my best friend Jeany is giggling again...hmmmp!

* * * *

Thank God,  the PTM 2015 was formally opened. Local and international tour operators visited our booth and got some of our promo materials. Oh well, as usual their question. “Is it safe Sarita?”  Told them see it for yourselves, just make sure to give me a call or email me prior to your scheduled visit.

We thought of including lokot-lokot, alfajor etc in our display and at the same time it’s for the guests to try it on... Mareng bien bueno gayod el appetite del algunos...acabao derecho el But really it is fun how they ask about lokot lokot and the alfajo r.We do our daldal as expected.

Most of them are asking about Zamboanga Hermosa Festival this October,and we’ve briefed them about it, plus the flights and hotels that they can book. I hope Philippine Airlines And Cebu Pacific can give special rates during October. We will try to work on that aspect and see if it is possible. I still need to get clearance from city hall before I can talk with some people in the mentioned airlines.

Dont forget to tell your family,friends and relatives to visit our booth at PTM 2015, SMX Convention Center, MOA complex, Pasay City.Ciao baby! — Email your suggestions/comments at