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Sunday, 06 September 2015 15:01




LIFE’ INSPIRATIONS: “…The prayer of a righteous man is both powerful and effective…” (James 5:16, the Holy Bible).

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PRAYERS THAT GOD LISTENS TO: My brother Philip (the one who immediately followed me two years after I was born not so long ago) engaged me in a spirited discussion about my column entitled “Facebook prayer avalanche: from the devil?” The discussion was publicly made through Facebook likewise, and I wish to share them among our readers here, too.

Here goes the exchange: Philip L. Mauricio: When you pray to support all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, or worries of any kind, is that praying to the devil? When I pray or offer prayers to anybody aforementioned, am praying to the Lord God Almighty!

Melanio Lazo Mauricio Jr.: Yours is a correct assumption. But the truth is that, even Jesus said NOT all prayers are acceptable to Him, and NOT all prayers would be listened to by Him. It is therefore important to know what is the prayer God listens to, or is answered by Him. Sometimes, because the prayer is not that which God listens to, it brings more harm than good.

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CAN PRAYING FOR OTHERS BRING HARM? Philip L. Mauricio: Tama ka rin dyan, pero God knows and listens to sincere prayers and when you pray to help others who are sufferring or going through something, isn’t that acceptable to Him? Will that bring more harm than good? Praying for others?

Melanio Lazo Mauricio Jr.: Also, the point of the column is not that prayers for those problems come from the devil or are for the devil. No, the column did not say that. What the column said was, the post and the request to repost that post, in that they give the impression that by simply posting that post the problems would already be solved, is deceptive and misleading.  It is only by truly seeking God that problems are solved.

Melanio Lazo Mauricio Jr.: Now, about your claim that God knows “sincere prayers”, the question that believers should ask is, what is a “sincere prayer” that God accepts and listens to and answers? Unfortunately not many people know, or would even care to know, what is a “sincere prayer” as far as God is concerned, even if it is easy to know, just by simply reading the Bible.

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WHO IS THE RIGHTEOUS WHOSE PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED? Melanio Lazo Mauricio Jr.: Many would be content to say they are praying... Yet, many prayers go unanswered. Why? Because they are not the sincere prayers God requires. Insofar as praying for others are concerned, the Bible tells us that only the prayers of a righteous man is both powerful and effective. Now, it may be asked: what is a “righteous” man whose prayers are both powerful and effective?

Believers would not even have even the slightest idea. So, indeed, their prayers are truly useless, and insofar as those prayers offer false hopes, they are virtually harmful. Philip L. Mauricio: How can you say unanswered when they say God answers prayers in His time, so just be patient.

Melanio Lazo Mauricio Jr.: Ha ha ha... well, who said that that? Who said “God answers prayers in His time, so just be patient”? What God said is this: Not all who pray to me and call on me “God, God” will enter the kingdom of heaven. Then, God said, only one class of people will be able to have their prayers answered and granted.

Philip L. Mauricio: And who are they? Melanio Lazo Mauricio Jr.: Read Matthew  7:21-23, the Holy Bible!!!

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