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Monday, 07 September 2015 11:16

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

Let us take a break from local political issues. Everybody is talking about it from the market place to the halls of power in the city. Let us delve on two presidential potentials, who are qualified, with good track record and vision, firm,  gutsy, God fearing, nationalist and above all, pure natural born Filipinos. The information written into today’s topic are gleaned from people we have talked to in times of social drinking in an impromptu gathering. Opinions from young and old, but are voters are noted in this piece. To hive an insight, of two presidential dark horses, that may change the course of election and may surprise the most hard lined party man. Please take note that the views are all personal opinion gathered months in Zamboanga Peninsula, before it saw print.

* * * * *

Senator Ferdinand “Bong-Bong Marcos Jr..  Popularity is his personal achievement. From the negative of the past, Bong-Bong was able to lift up their family’s honor to a new height and beginning that unmasked the truth of that negativity. His low profile in the Senate changed greatly his image as a President’s son and once called “the strongman of Asia”. But underneath that humble attitude, he showed a different kind of leadership, strong and firm in his decision for the Filipino people especially one that violated the Philippine Constitution, the very heart and life of the Republic. His father’s political leaders and followers are all intact in the Zamboanga Peninsula, especially the Ilocano migrants from Luzon who now own rice farms in many municipalities of the province. All of them only have good words for Bong-Bong’s father who they say was able to unite and make the Philippines self sufficient in rice which all of them rice farmers benefited and change their lives, because their agricultural produce were not controlled by businessmen, but protected by government during Apo’s time. When asked if ever his son Bong-Bong will vie for the presidency, they all approved the idea because they think that Bong-Bong has all the qualities of a strong and fair leader, a visionary and a silent achiever. When asked, if Davao City’s famous Rodrigo Duterte will also vie for the presidency? The farmer said, my family and myself will go for Bong-Bong but I will not speak for my neighbors because Duterte has also followings in this municipality and he is from Mindanao.

* * * * *

Surprisingly, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte shares the same popularity as Bong-Bong in the province especially the Visayan population who believe in the ideal of Duterte’s crime busting achievement. Most of them say that we need a President who knows how to fight and can fight anytime “para dili lang ta daudaugun mga Filipino” they said in the Cebuano dialect. They also think that it is not only fighting crimes that Duterte can do as President, “if he was able to make Davao City very progressive and prosperous from a city of crimes and lawlessness” he can duplicate it for the entire country. They also say that there are only two presidential probables who made a name for themselves with their track record and achievement, Bong-Bong Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte and they have a genuine heart for Mindanao, we hope that they will not run against each other but join forces, because their victory is also Mindanao’s victory, that for a long,long time, has not been given a fair share of the country’s development.

* * * *

Scoop: Indeed Bong-Bong Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte must not fight, but join hands to save Mindanao from the onslaught of strangers who want to convert Mindanao into a haven of interest group and lobbyist of foreign countries and subjecting Mindanao’s legitimate residents to swallow “hook, line and sinker” their colonial ideas brought about by their fear and dependence. Indeed Bong-Bong Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte tandem may end the myth that Mindanao is the “land of promise” but a promise fulfilled. Agree or disagee.