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Monday, 07 September 2015 11:19

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

At the moment, only one man is still of the belief, Celso and Beng will retain their political alliance for the 2016 battle. That is Sec. Mar Roxas.

And on the break up, Mike Apolstol’s account in his column that I read in Zamboanga Times’ on-line paper was explicitly exemplified.

Erbie Fabian, in a chance meeting last night in our hangout, also expressed an opposing view to that of Roxas. From all indications, he said, the break up is inevitable, adding that it is his opinion that neither would Beng back out from the fight, in deference to her people now occupying juicy posts in city hall and elsewhere.

And for one other thing, pride will also get in the way, he said.

Moreover, this is another account he related to me, though he did not say that I mention it here. But, considering that this is what he would have wanted to tell Beng after listening to her comment on TV, I’ll  touch on it just the same.

Accordingly, Beng in describing her predicament over Celso’s imminent desire to re-seek the mayorship compared her position now to that of Erbie’s in 2013, when as a sitting mayor, he was asked by Celso, then congressman to give way to him. His feisty words as I remember too well are, “Beng, you must not blame only Celso for his action. You were all the time part of the plan.”  So there.

Likewise, Erbie dismissed talks that he is running as vice mayor under a major political party here, continuing that this far, while the rumor is indeed spreading, he has not received any such offer or invitation from any party leader.

He said, at the moment, he has not set plans in politics. Otherwise, he said, he will not spend much of his time in the fairways hitting golf balls, where he brushes elbows only with a select group. Knowing his onions, Erbie added, if he had political plans, he would be mixing it up now with a wider range of people where the votes are.

* * * *

Mon Quin has surely gone a long way for the better. Like Jun Feliciano of Pen-cing, Mon has turned into a highly God-worshipping man. Everyday he would routinely GSM bible verses to several of his friends.

Earlier on, he was noticed to have indulged in socio-civic activities in the company y of his high school batchmates of class ‘76 in blood-letting pursuits, feedings, donating items to kids and even free haircuts.

This 14th day of September is his birthday, and Mon has scheduled a sort of an offering in his residence. He will conduct a feeding endeavor for kids in the neighborhood, give out school bags donated by a friend, give free haircut to children, and such others should there be additional support from other friends. Anyone who so wishes to share some, this is his contact no. 0926 648 3731.

Power up, Mon. God will reward you.

* * * *

I can hardly believe this. Known for his hard-hitting and fighting stance, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile claims, he holds no grudge or rancor versus his critic, referring singularly those accountable for his 14-month detention in Camp Crame. He added that he is at peace with himself and confident he will in the end be vindicated with exoneration of the plunder charges he is facing at the Sandigan Bayan.

Here is another unbelievable standpoint for a fighter, when he added, he never entertained any ill-will against detractors, much less his competitors for political power, explaining that enemies would normally want to chain up their nemesis for their vested interests.

In developing a self-described “stoical attitude” towards tormentors, ripened wisdom, and not age has gotten the better of him.

When asked if he would act to get even with his detractors, Enrile replied in the negative, but was quick to add, he will perform the role of a wrongdoing exposer, a moral voice, a champion of competence and diligence in the Senate.” (TMT)

* * * *

Clearly, aiming for a higher position and taking into consideration his reservation on the presidential shot of Grace Poe, Sen. Bongbong Marcos just could be surmised as to slide to the vice presidency. That is, if as presumed, Poe is gunning for the top post. And it appearing, she is.

Adding to that, tie it up with this Jojo Binay statement, “The atrocities committed under the Martial law regime will not prevent Vice President JejomarBinay from accepting Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as his running mate if the latter will agree to run for vice president in 2016.”

This can only mean there are on-going pre-positioning talks .In the process, Binay spoke of the goodness of the man, in defense of Senator Marcos, adding that the Marcoses are back in power; with former First Lady Imelda Marcos member of the Lower House, representing Ilocos Norte, and daughter Imee, governor of Ilocos Norte.

Binay also likened the Marcos return to the now-normalized diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Japan, as the latter is known to have committed several atrocities against the Filipinos during the war.

* * * *

Anak-pawis, a left-leaning  party-list, assailed Liberal Party (LP) presidential standard bearer, Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II for his deafening silence on the implementation and status of the Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA), the government’s shelter aid program aimed at providing financial assistance to Yolanda victim families.

Under the program, a family with a totally damaged house is to receive P30,000,and those with a partially damaged house, P10,000. The Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD) in coordination with the local government units were tasked to implement the ESA .

“Roxas should answer head on the issues surrounding the implementation and distribution of the Emergency Shelter Assistance. He cannot just simply shrug off the problems of the ESA distribution because the local government units play half in its implementation along with the DSWD. Evading a legitimate query basically is like abandoning state responsibility to all victims-survivors of typhoon Yolanda,” Rep. Fernando Hicap said. (TMT)

Local organizations in Yolanda-affected areas from Eastern, Central Visayas, IloIlo and some part of Panay Islands report some local government officials are involved in what is dubbed as the “kase-kase” scheme, which is a type of loan in which financiers make a profit by raking in 16 percent of what the ESA beneficiaries are to receive.

There are also claims that loan sharks brazenly, claim the ESA direct from the DSWD regional officers.

Clear case of voracious government officials taking advantage of the needy.

*  * * *

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano makes sense in giving up plans to seek the highest post in the land, to instead run for vice president, with known party yet.

He, however, expressed the desire to seek the office under the Nacionalista Party, admitting that he is talking with other political parties about his plan under political partnership based on programs and vision where he will not treated only as a “trophy.”

Wisening up indeed, Cayetano reached this decision when in the recent Pulse Asia survey, he ranked only seventh among eight possible presidential candidates, garnering only 2 percent from 1,200 respondents nationwide.

* * * *

Rep. Leni Robredo maintained that Senator Grace Poe should not run for president in view of uncertainties on her citizenship.

The Camarines Sur representative argued that even if Poe proves that she had renounced her American citizenship, it’s controvertible that at one point, she turned her back on her Filipino citizenship.

In 2001, Poe became a dual citizen, and disputed that she went back to being a pure Filipino after dropping her American citizenship in 2010.

As the citizenship of the late Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo had been questioned., Poe had compared her case to that of his. Rep. Robredo, however, disagree with Poe and restate that her departed husband never renounced his citizenship.