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Tuesday, 08 September 2015 11:30



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… You, Lord God Almighty, you who are the God of Israel, rouse yourself to punish all the nations; show no mercy to wicked traitors…” (Psalm 59:5, the Holy Bible).

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WHY IS RP MEDIA SILENT ON MALAYSIA “PEOPLE POWER”?  Some Facebook account owners are asking: why are Philippine media entities not reporting on the “people power”-style protest actions that Malaysians have been doing for almost a week now, demanding the ouster of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak? Is Philippine media under instructions to be mum or silent about the Malaysian protests?

Or, is someone in a very sensitive position in our country today does not want  these protest actions against Razak publicized here for very important reasons? The fact is, Razak is being asked to step down from power on accusations that he stole some US$700 million from the Malaysian government, allegedly “to buy real estate properties” in the Philippines.

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MALAYSIA PM BUYING LANDS IN RP? To buy real estate in the Philippines? That means, to buy lands here? What lands in the Philippines is Razak wanting to buy? And for what purpose? Is there any parcel of land in the Philippines that could be worth US$700 million, which is roughly about P35 billion (at an exchange rate of US$1 to P50)?

With this huge amount of money, Razak could already be buying the likes of Sabah and Mindanao, particularly those areas wanting to be included under the Bangsamoro entity. Well, will anyone please enlighten me, are Sabah and Mindanao for sale?

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RECIPIENTS OF US$700 M IN MALAYSIAN FUNDS TRACED? Let me quote here one Facebook account owner, Manny SD Lopez, who posted on September 07, 2015 the following item in his wall: “Worst than plunder, the crime committed by the recipients of illegal Malaysian funds allegedly for the purpose of passing the Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ) is treason of the worst kind.

“The illegal transfer of US$700 million to the personal bank accounts of… Razak has been traced in a private bank account in an offshore bank in British Virgin Islands. Subsequent transfers to other bank accounts have likewise been traced and identified and being followed-up.

“The identity of the donors and major recipients has been determined by international anti-corruption and anti-money laundering institutions, pending diplomatic protocol. It is but a matter of time before this verified information spreads in the international financial community and among world leaders.

* * * *

PNOY AND MALAYSIA’S “PEOPLE POWER”: ANY CONNECTION? “The shameless acts of corruption is being condemned in the streets of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The admission of Razak that the money was used ``to acquire real estate’ and subsequent insinuations of this being in Mindanao among his peers and the Malaysian press, demands an explanation from the recipient/s.

“President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III as the primary proponent pushing for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law ( BBL ) is alleged as the principal recipient of the illegal Malaysian fund. Treason in the highest order is the worst crime national leaders could commit against their own people!” I hope Malacanang comments on this.

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