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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 11:19


BY Sarita Sebastian

Nobody wants to rekindle bad memories. But for some reasons , we have to, we need to , if only to be able to move forward and totally let go. Sounds like a love story...? darling, I’m referring to the September 2013 siege.

Much as we want to have  the so called selective amnesia, but reality dictates that we cannot do it.The September 2013 siege caused us a lot most especially the psychological effect to its residents but most especially those who were directly affected (as hostages or residents in the affected barangays).

Si, we all know that assistance were poured in by the national government through the different developmental agencies as well as local and international donor agencies, but how far have we gone in dealing with the aftermath?

Did we satisfy the real needs of those truly affected,like for instance housing , livelihood and psycological capability program? Basically I believe so.The local government has been working hard with other cooperating agencies if only to assist the so called internally displaced people. Well we cannot do away with some complaints. But hey...the matter is being dealt with accordingly to this writing.

Some are comparing  the speed of actions being undertaken by responsible agencies here as against the Yolanda typhoon victims.They claimed that the solution to our IDP’s  situation is kind of slow. And I get pissed totally. For one thing, what happened in our city was a man-made disaster and the Yolanda incident was a natural disaster. But the most distinct of the matter is the fact that we are dealing with  different cultural tribes, which the government respects a lot, unlike those Yolanda  typhoon victims, majority of them come from one RAZA.

Somehow, Zamboanga City is still lucky that solutions are being drawn up as a result of that September 2013 very unfortunate incident. It may be slow to some , but what is important , we concretly see the efforts of those involved in the rehabilitation. While some may have enriched themselves out of the situation, Let the architect of the universe deal with them.

True , it’s not just the IDPs who were and are affected, but ALL of us. Somehow I’d like to think that everyone of us will take it as an eye opener to get involved for the good of our beloved Zamboanga City.

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