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Thursday, 10 September 2015 11:59



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… He makes clouds rise from the ends of the earth; he sends lightning with the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses…” (Psalm 135:7, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

METRO MANILA PARALYZED ANEW BY RAINS, FLOODS: Again and again, the strong rains and the instantly high floods and really strong winds that have been attacking Metro Manila continue to come, as they did one more time last Tuesday night, September 08, 2015, causing total chaos and anarchy among Metro Manilans who unfortunately did not know any better in effectively responding to natural calamities.

As a result, people get stranded and unable to reach home until dawn of Wednesday, September 09, 2015, stuck up in traffic for hours on end, while there was no one from the administration or the opposition (in government, that is) who did something to help at the height of the calamity. The frightening news is, there will be more of this.

How do we solve these problems? Moronic though it may seem to many, my simple answer is, read the Bible everyday, memorize its verses, and then carefully obey every command of God that is contained therein. Whether you believe it or not, that is the antidote to the death and destruction coming from strong rains, high floods, and howling winds, which is prescribed by the Bible itself.

* * * *

BIBLE PREDICTIONS ABOUT RAINS, FLOODS, WINDS: The regular occurrence of rains, floods, and winds nowadays, not only in the Philippines but even in the whole world already, is something that was prophesied to happen about 2,015 years ago. The occurrence of these calamities prove that the Bible is accurate and true.

Likewise, the occurrence of rains, floods, and winds, and the death and destruction that they bring, prove beyond any shadow of doubt that Jesus is true and truly is God. The fact is, it was Jesus, our God and Savior, who predicted that rains, floods, and winds will come and bring death and destruction.

We can read this in Matthew 7:24-27 of the Bible. Jesus said in these verses that the rains, floods, and winds will come. And, Jesus predicted totally accurately, only two kinds of people will face them—the first one is he who is called “wise”, while the second is he who is called a “fool”. Who is the “wise man” and who is the “fool”?

* * * *

THE WISE AND THE FOOL WHEN CALAMITIES STRIKE: Jesus said the wise man is the one who listens to His Word, and obeys them. The wise man is to be considered wise because, by listening to, and obeying, Him, he would have built his house on a foundation of stone (meaning that, if one listens to Jesus and obeys Him, his life would be built on strong foundations). Even if calamities come, that house—or life—will not fall.

On the other hand, the fool is the one who listens to the Word of Jesus (or do not listen at all), but do not obey Him. This man is to be considered to have built his house on  sandy soil (meaning that, his life is anchored on loose morality and worldly principles), so that when calamities strike, that house—or life—will experience a great crash.

One may ask, how did Jesus come to know that at one point in the history of the world—which that point may as well be the present time—the rains, floods, and the winds will come? The answer is, He is God, so He knows what is going to happen. No one else predicted things to happen in the future with so much accuracy except God, right? We must, therefore, pay attention to what He is saying.

* * * *

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