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Friday, 11 September 2015 11:42


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

I am Christine Y. Guinacaran,and I have been a public school teacher for more than 20 years.

I have had several superintendents already, and they come in different kinds.

One superintendent I had, never looked at anybody in the eyes, that one co-teacher wondered if he was cross-eyed.  Another one also, was extremely smart that anybody near her would look shabby in contrast of her stylishness. One was a little deaf, that when you left her office, you wondered if your business there, would ever yield results.

The one now, is the most energetic and busiest so far. And yesterday, I was alone with him.

Before anybody’s mind will run wild, It was like this.  After five PM, I went there  to have some very important papers signed.

The secretary was about to take my papers inside, when the door opened and out came the superintendent, Sir Pete Natividad, with his bags and all, ready to go out.

When he saw me and the other teachers,  he rushed back inside.

Most of the time, we transact business through his secretary only, which everybody prefers. Tell me, who would like to be in close proximity with the highest ranking official of your department?  You have to make witty talks, and if you are not very witty, you will still be found out.  No, all of us would just like to be in safe distance from him.

But when the secretary came out, she told me to go in, and face the superintendent myself.

So in I went, and sat very erectly on the chair with the superintendent at his table looking his most amiable.

It was my first time to enter that office. Why should I stress myself  inside that room when I can get things accomplished just outside?

And the superintendent who must have read my thoughts declared that he really wonders  why teachers do not like to see him personally, when he is most willing  to attend to them.

I have observed Sir Natividad from a distance. And I have this, to say  of him. He is very passionate with his role in safeguarding the educational system of Zamboanga City.

You can tell by observing the SDO ( Schools Division Office). Everybody there is busy and in a hurry.

That is the kind office I like. Not an office where  employees talk with each other, insensitive of  the urgent needs of their clients. In the SDO, all transactions are attended to, in the soonest time possible.

After signing my papers, he asked me if I wanted a picture with him. I was delighted with the invitation, and smiled for the photo as formally as I could.

Why formally? Because I plan to post the picture in Facebook, to show-off to my co-teachers, but I would not like my husband to think that  I was trying to be cute towards our attractive superintendent.

And by the way, it is not stressful to be face-to-face with the superintendent.  He even gave me a souvenir yet.

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