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Friday, 11 September 2015 11:48



San Jose, CA. — It has been announced that the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) is not fielding a presidential candidate. But it wasn’t clear who the LDP, once a dominant political party formed in 1988, is supporting for president.

Despite the 2013 debacle and the common perception that she is just a TUTA of the KUYA, Mayor Ma. Isabel G. Climaco-Salazar is said to be the best suited to run the city government. That is probably true.

But Big Brother says otherwise, for KUYA is eyeing a return to the ancient walls of City Hall. Mr. Celso L. Lobregat’s rah-rah boys and girls think that he knows the issues better than anybody. No one outwits him when it comes to the sensitive issue of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. He is the MAESTRO. Anyone from City Hall who has sat with him in Monday scolding sessions will tell you that he is tough, a slave-driver and overbearing most of the time.

I was among those who witnessed the birth of the LDP at the Philippine International Convention Center. But the party was ripped apart when Tita Cory announced that same day that she was anointing Fidel V. Ramos as her successor. Half of those at the PICC left the hall and rushed to the Ninoy Aquino Coliseum in Pasay where the Laban-Lakas-NUCD convened to declare its presidential candidate.

Since that time, the LDP remained strong in Zamboanga with the late Mayor Maria Clara L. Lobregat orchestrating each and every campaign. Her son was the principal operator, directing the campaign from the White House.

Nineteen ninety-eight was the highest point of the LDP in Zamboanga when Mrs. Lobregat’s son ran and beat a political juggernaut, Vitaliano D. Agan, who had the solid vote of the Bisayans.

Then, the son became congressman for six years and farther ruled for nine years as mayor after the demise of his mother. He has made his run as mayor, a good one at that. Enough na, siguro.

He had everything going for him — heavy donors and endorsements. He took on everybody, including an ex-priest. He conceitedly dared all quarters to challenge him. They dared, but lost, overwhelmingly. Such was his political might. No one would touch him with a 20-foot pole — only the ex-padre and a medical doctor surnamed Climaco.

In my appraisal, Mrs. Climaco-Salazar is the only living individual who can take on KUYA — mainly because she is a woman with high energy, honest and intelligent. She can eat with her bare fingers while mingling with the working class. At the moment, she is leading in mock polls by over 25 points. That’s what the surveys show.

From where I’m situated, she’s leading by a nose. Very close. She has the youth behind her, the religious, too. On top of everything, she has the moneyed Liberal Party backing her up.

But if I know the KUYA, he has a ton of tricks up his sleeves. He will raise a truck of money to run his campaign and propaganda machinery and strategy to prove that he is still THE MAN.  He won’t be blindsided.

The Lobregat political saga put to the sword only by a woman is not the ending desired by KUYA, for not only is she a woman, SHE IS A CLIMACO by blood, once Lobregat’s fiercest political adversary.

So, in Zamboanga, it will be the LDP versus LP. Or, because it now appears an inevitability — CLIMACO VS. LOBREGAT.