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Saturday, 12 September 2015 13:29




Hello once again folks! My health has been bothering me, on and off with pain, making me uneasy and it eases only when I take painkillers. I guess it will be here to stay for a while, hehe, and I don’t want to waste my mind. I might as well continue writing.

I believe that the siege two years ago shouldn’t be celebrated any more yearly, because it will only enhance hatred amongst us and remind us of the sad experience we underwent, instead of uniting all Zamboanguenos, irrespective of religion, customs, and traditions. Forget the siege and move forward, and forget the sad past!

Since year 2016 is fast approaching, politics is hot. We are sad that the major political party in our beloved city has been shaking so hard the past month, and I guess the knot is already broken. Being pals before, Cong. Lobregat and Mayor Beng Salazar will now go separate ways. Both are good, but only one will win! I can only say good luck to both of them. Right now, we have one concern, and that is our son.... Vincent Paul “VP” A. Elago.

Globe has been giving me problems. I keep loading since my i-phone 4 was given to me by my daughter. I load in the morning, and in the evening, it’s gone, or load at night, the next morning, the load is gone even if I don’t use it.  It happened to me several times, and I aim to go to the Globe office in San Jose.  What is load is being stolen all the time and I want to know why Globe isn’t doing anything about it!  I can remember, it’s not only me who is the victim, ‘coz there are also others! I was advised by Lucky 7 where I keep loading  my load, to call the hot line of globe...2629,  but it doesn’t answer.

September is my birth month and I have friends who are celebrating their birthday. Belated birthday to Vicky Celdran , who’s real birthday was last Sept. 8, but I unserstand,  she will be celebrating  it tomorrow. A classmate of mine, Fe Campos Smidth, is also celebrating her birthday tomorrow Saturday. Happy birthday Penggot dear.....Mwah!


Belated happy birthday to both of us, (Sept. 7) ... Mayor Beng Climaco Salazar.