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Monday, 14 September 2015 13:39

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

I’m back from Manila. And very likely my going there will or may have already defined my place in present-day politics. Whatever that means, I keep to myself for the moment. Now is not yet the time. Have to first move around for a couple of days or so to do some consultations. If that trip did have any meat, there could be big surprises up ahead.

If anyone, however, would wish to know what it is ahead of time, you very well contact me. So for me to positively know your identity, you may please call on my cell phone (Temporarily, I am using 0975 873 8965. My regular no. is 0917 307 8089, is to be unblocked in less than a week’s time) or preferably via internet messenger (PM).

I will really feel gratified receiving your calls/Pm’s as they could very well form part of my consultations.

* * * *

In a political battlefield, the heat normally steps up day by day but locally, the scenario appears different. It’s simply cynical. What could be cooking?

Having arrived yesterday, a Saturday, I was expecting the local papers today to be filled with shatteringly stinging political tidbits. But to my dismay, there is none.

I asked what could be cooking because early today I chanced upon an insider, whose identity I opt to conceal, of one the two major contenders on hand, and you know who; and came to know the latter two met yesterday in a nearby eatery some three kilometers from town.

How true, I can not tell for did strike me strong for as based on the info I was fed that it was Mayor Beng Climaco who initiated the talks. And what is stranger is his statements that I quote, “ Siguru ta sinti ya le. Ya comporma gane man kuento.” (Maybe he is feeing the pressure for he agreed to the meeting)  Saying further, “Muchu ya, poreso, consejal na su lao quiere salta para cun Beng.” (Many councilors under him are desirous to join Beng)

I repeat, how true I cannot tell, except that my informant  is deeply entrenched in Beng’s inner circle. And knowing the doggedness of Celso, I find it strange.

So, contrary to my earlier observation on what I thought is a dousing of the political heat, the ardor is still up.

Some more are coming, That, I bet you.

* * * * * * *

Upon reading this, at first glance, I thought Poe is of the hook on the citizen matter, “The Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) yesterday decided to junk the challenge on Sen. Grace Poe’s residency in the Philippines and concentrate, instead, on the issue involving her citizenship.” (MB)

Reading further, however, the statement only related to the disqualification matter, for under pertinent rules, per opinion of SET chair and Supreme Court (SC) Senior Justice Antonio T. Carpio, a disqualification case on the issue of residency must be filed within 10 days from the date of proclamation of a candidate. And all members agreed. But the scheduled oral arguments on September 21 will go on and will focus on whether or not Sen. Poe is a natural-born citizen.

And in having the case dragged, I cannot help but feel, something could be brewing. Ponder. Despite calls by top LP brass to give up on Poe as VP mate of Mar, Pnoy is forever turning a deaf ear on them. See the point? The SET thing could be a card up the sleeve of the administration. It could the dangling dagger over the head of Poe. Join up or be barred from seeking another election on whatever position.

Thinking aloud ...

* * * *

There really is a dearth of VP wannabes for LP standard bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd. From a couple of invitees, namely Sens. Grace Poe, Alan Peter Cayetano, Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo and Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos, getting none, they are now eyeing Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the flip plopping presidential hopeful.

If indeed, Duterte, as announced, is resigning from politics, then he will be the fifth to decline the invitation.

When that happens, this is where the immediately-above item comes into play again. That is, the LP seeming maneuvering of the SET move as to be the dangling dagger.

* * * *

Here’s one undying Imelda Marcos wish that could very well play a big part on the political decision that son Bong is set to make.

That is, that President Ferdinand E. Marcos, be given a state burial in her lifetime.

And she wants it soon, having so wished with the hope that the Lord grants it, during the celebration of her husband’s 98th year birth anniversary on the 11th.

It could be a fact that only another Marcos presidency could do it soon. Will this trigger the son’s announcement as she wants it soon and in her lifetime. Bear in mind, the presidential will roughly be seven year from now. Imelda is not growing any younger. Bears watching.

* * * *

Only two weeks ago, Rodriguez effectively surrendered on any hope of approving the supposed peace measure under President Aquino’s term due to the chronic problem of quorum during House plenary sessions.

Now, Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez is singing a different tune. Chairman, as he is, of the House Adhoc Committee he categorically insists that the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in the lower house will be before September 28.

Owz... But if that does happen then that could only mean that their BBL is already cooked, a done deal even before plenary. For from now until the 28th is barely 13 days left. So, cooked as it may very well be perceived, the other indication is that the bill when passed is exactly just as how Malcañang has been brokering for.

Look at the Senate. Composed of only a handful, not even some 1/20th % of the Lower House in number, yet is taking weeks upon weeks of deliberations. How would anyone judge it in a different way than “lutong macaw”

* * * *

The birthday of Mon Quin is today, the 14th, and his planned civic action in his residence pushes through as announced. There will feeding to kids, free haircut and distribution of school bags. And he has been doling for the past six years. Happy birthday, Mon and more power!

* * * *

I take precious time and space here to offer condolences to the bereaved CHIONG family on the demise of their beloved mom Anita Chiong. At least three of her children are personal acquaintances, and her brother-in-law, Nonoy as well. God bless her soul and the souls of all the dearly departed. R.I.P.