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Monday, 14 September 2015 13:47



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`There is no peace,’ says my God, `for the wicked’…”(Isaiah 57:21, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

HOW CAN WE SOLVE METRO’S TRAFFIC WOES? So, how can we solve the traffic problem that is now bedeviling Metro Manila and its provincial neighbors? Simple. Prevent vehicles, any kind of them, from coming into the city at any time of the day, some pundits told me.

If there are no vehicles running through Metro Manila’s thoroughfares, there is going to be no traffic problem at all, or so the argument goes. But then, without the vehicles, there is going to be no business transactions in the metropolis. No businessman or any employee would be able to go to work. No student would be able to study.

This would cause the economy to stand still and then stagnate. And cause bigger problems like revolution, chaos, and anarchy. True, but then, we have solved the traffic problem anyway. Right? Well, I can hear my wife saying this is stupid.

* * * *

WHY ARE THERE MORE VEHICLES ON THE ROAD NOW? Stupid, yes, but, at least, we somehow have a proposal here to solve the traffic problem. This is a lot better than what is happening at present, where nobody in the Aquino government seems knowledgeable or interested enough to look for a workable solution, or even offer something to be done.

When the world was a little younger (with apologies to Ms. Shirley Bassey, of course, whose numerous hits included a song which was entitled “Make the world a little younger” ), traffic problems would come only during the two or three weeks before Christmas day of any year, when everybody wanted to move around and try to earn a little more for the holidays. This was understandable.

Now, it is greatly different. I noticed that traffic started moving much slower, with more vehicles running on metro roads, beginning June of 2015, which is six months before Christmas 2015. And nobody seems to know why there are more vehicles plying the roads, all too suddenly. It just happened that more vehicles are now on these roads, clogging and choking every available space.

* * * *

WICKED MORONS ON THE ROADS OF METRO: I suppose that Chairman Francis Tolentino of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) was right when he said that heavy traffic is caused, first, by more vehicles plying the thoroughfares, and, second, by lesser road space on account of simultaneous road constructions in the National Capital Region.

I can also agree with the observation of former Land Transportation Office chief Bert Suansing that there is a third bigger problem here, and it is the bumbling Aquino government itself. With due respect, however, the bigger cause of all these, as I see it, is the undeniable refusal of our people to listen to, and obey, God’s commands.

Setting the Bible aside, I am convinced that when people no longer fear God and simply do what they want, disregarding God’s rules and admonitions in their lives in the process, they will no longer be courteous and patient when they drive their vehicles, turning them into mindless and ill-disciplined monsters who cause accidents and traffic jams. Without God, drivers are just wicked morons on the roads.

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